Acana Small Breed Adult Dog Food 340 Gm

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TYPE: Adult Dog Food

QUANTITY: 340 grams

BREED: Small breed adult dogs having an age of 1 or above.

DESCRIPTION: Acana Small Breed Adult Dog Food 340 Gm is a premium quality food containing high-quality ingredients for fulfilling the overall nutritional requirements in small breed adult dogs. of the meal consists of fresh meat of finest quality supplying splendid protein essence for increasing muscle mass and strength. Acanas Whole prey ratio emulates the dogs intrinsic diet in the wild. ACANA small breed kibble size and shape has been uniquely designed to fit into the small breeds jaw in order in order to facilitate good chewing. A low glycemic index present in the diet helps the canine to attain ideal weight and prevents diabetes and obesity. Freshly cooked meat and whole eggs increase the lusciousness of the food. An adequate amount of protein content present in the diet maintains good muscle mass and strength. Natural prebiotics and easily digestible protein provided by Acana Small Breed Adult Food offers beneficial bacteria to keep the gut healthy maintaining a healthier digestive system. Unsaturated Omega 6 fatty acid encourages a healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Vitamin E and Zinc helps in building a strong immune system in small breed canines.


  • Essential vitamins and minerals strengthen bones and joints.
  • Small kibble structure for encouraging a healthy chewing in small breed dogs.
  • Consists of natural prebiotics for a healthy digestion.
  • Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 boost skin health and give a radiant coat.
  • Vitamin E, Manganese and Zinc build strong immunity in canines.
  • Contains no artificial colouring.

Freshly cooked meat (12%), dehydrated kure (12%), dehydrated crust (12%), red dice, whole green peas, beans, puree fat (5%), fresh cuttings (liver, heart, kidneys) (4%), fresh whole egg (4%), sunflower dried wheat (2%), green cake (2%), dehydrated (4%), whole yellow peas, pea fiber, fresh carrot caraway (1%), brown sea breed, fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butter pumpkin, fresh whole pasta, fresh cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh leaves of turkey, fresh turkey leaves, fresh whole carrots, Red Delicious apples, fresh Bartlett pears, frozen dried liver, liver freeze dried crust liver, fresh whole cranberries, fresh whole blubber, roots of turkey, turmeric, crocus, burlap root, lavender flower, hibiscus roots, darts.

Raw Fibre (5%), Calcium (1.4%), Fat (17%), Crude Ash (7%), Crude Fibre (5%) Moisture (12%), Omega 6 (2.6%), Omega 3 (1%), Vitamin A (13000.0 UI/kg), Crude Protein (29%), Phosphorus (1.1%), DHA (0.3%), EPA (0.3%), Vitamin E (130 IU/kg), Folic Acid (1.4 mg/Kg), Linoliec Acid (2.4%), Carbohyderate (NFE) (28%), Choline (2160 mg/Kg), Chondroitin sulfate (min) (900mg/Kg), Glucosamine (1400mg/kg)

*Contains mixed tocopherols (a tocopherol-rich extract of natural origin- Vitamin E and Rosemary Oil). Also contains the probiotic Enterococcus faecium.

Amount to be fed is in grams per day.

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