All4Pets Bath Towel For Dogs and Cats 10 pcs

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TYPE: Pet Towel

QUANTITY: 10 Pieces

SIZE: 300 mm x 240 mm

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and Cats

DESCRIPTION: It is quite hard to give a bath daily to your dog. All4Pets Bath Towel For Dogs and Cats 10 pcs completes the overall grooming requirements of both dogs and cats by thoroughly cleaning their body. The bath towels are handy to use and do not need water. Formulated with pet-free ingredients, the towels are alcohol-free and moist. It prevents rashes and dry skin and maintains an overall smooth skin. It also offer anti-bacterial properties to fight infections that cause skin allergies. The towels are designed in such a way to help maintain the pH balance to remove all the dirt and debris from the skin. The ears and paws can also be cleaned by the towel. Having a refreshing fragrance assist in keeping your pet thoroughly energized.


  • Easy to use pet towel.
  • Offers anti-bacterial properties to keep skin allergies at bay.
  • Keeps a healthy pH balance in the skin.
  • Pre-moistened and alcohol-free wipe. 
  • Provides a refreshing fragrance to keep your pet energized.
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