All4Pets Double Side Brush Medium

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TYPE: Grooming Brush

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and cats with medium and long hairs

DESCRIPTION: All4Pets Double Side Brush Medium having two sides offer dual action while cleaning the pets. The knotted side of the brush helps in deep cleansing of the body as it helps in rubbing the pet's body thoroughly. This also assists in detangling and to prevent matting of the hair. On the other hand, the side having bristles removes dead hair follicles and also help maintains a shiny coat. The brush also supports the regulation of oil glands and activates the natural oil on the skin. All4Pets Double Side Brush Medium is an apt grooming brush for long hair, short hair and shaggy hair. It has got a strong wooden handle for a greater grip. Some of the dog breeds which the comb will be appropriate are Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Beagle and Pug.


  • Sustains a healthy skin and a radiant coat in pets.
  • Assist Detangling and prevents matting of the hair. 
  • Removes dry and flaky skin. 
  • Regulates the oil glands of the pet. 
  • Has a strong wooden handle for greater grip.
  • Activates the natural oil of the skin.
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