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TYPE: Pet Nail Clipper

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and Cats of all breeds

DESCRIPTION: Regular grooming is an essential aspect for keeping good overall hygiene of your pet. Cats due to their scratching habits may damage the household items with their claws, so it becomes necessary to trim their nails. Long nails can also get stuck in furniture causing great pain to dogs as well. All4Pets Nail Clipper with rust proof steel blade helps in trimming your pet's nails according to your desired level. Having an adjustable blade limit prevents the nail from being cut too short. The clipper also has a safety lock for avoiding any kind of accidents. A plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip supports a firm hold.


  • Apt for both dogs and cats.
  • Safety locks for preventing over cutting.
  • Contains rust proof steel blade.
  • Plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip for a tight hold.
  • Great tool for maintaining overall hygiene of your pet.
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