All4Pets Pet-O-Cal Calcium Syrup for Dogs and Cats 200 ml

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TYPE: Dog and Cat Supplement

QUANTITY: 200 ml

SUITABLE FOR: Cats and dogs of all breeds and life stages.

DESCRIPTION: All4Pets Pet-O-Cal Calcium Syrup for Dogs and Cats 200 ml is a high-quality syrup having a healthy blend of calcium-phosphorus and vitamin D3 and B12 for keeping strong bones and teeth and to provide constant energy to the pets all day long. The supplement is also suitable for pregnant and lactating pets. Essential fatty acids in the syrup support healthy skin and a lustrous coat. All4Pets Pet-O-Cal Calcium Syrup for Dogs and Cats has a balanced proportion of important vitamins and minerals for boosting overall metabolism and to bolster the immune system. The syrup is greatly palatable for spontaneous intake. It can be given to dogs and cats of all breeds and life stages throughout the year.


  • Support strong bones and teeth.
  • Maintains the lustre of coat.
  • Keeps pregnant and lactating pets energetic.
  • Essential fatty acids reduce inflammation and boost brain function. 
  • Can be supplemented with calcium and related nutrients.
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats.

NutrientsServing (per 5 ml) Per 100 ml, Energy 13.99 kcal 279.90 kcal. , Protein 0.490 gm.9.80 gm, Carbohydrate 2.875 gm 57.50 gm., Fat0.054 gm.1.080 gm. , Cholesterol 0 gm, Saturated Fatty Acids 0.026 gm.0.530 gm, Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 0.0215 gm.0.430 gm. , Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 0 gm.0 I'm, calcium82.5 mg.1650 mg, Phosphorus42.5 mg.850 mg, vitamin D3400 I.U.8000 I.U, Vitamin B125 mcg.100 mcg. 200 ml

Dogs: Daily 10-20ml twice, Pups & Cats: Daily 5 ml twice or as prescribed by Veterinarian.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

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