All4Pets Show Coat Shampoo 200 ml

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TYPE: Dog Shampoo

QUANTITY: 200 ml

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs having light coloured or white coats.

DESCRIPTION: Canines having white or light coloured coats has a higher chance of getting a pale skin. Microbial infections are one of the main cause of dull skin. All4Pets Show Coat Shampoo 200 ml contains yoghurt and honey as the primary constituents for moisturizing your dog's skin and offers anti-microbial properties to eliminate itching and scratching. Pearlescent in the shampoo brings back the radiance of the skin and boosts the natural luminescence of the hair. Organic emollients like Honey and Aloe Vera refresh the silky texture and tackles bacterial and fungal infections. The shampoo removes the dull yellow coat in canines by restoring the original white colour. Reetha is a natural herb which helps in deep cleansing of the skin and coat. All4Pets Show Coat Shampoo has an irresistible vanilla scent for giving a rich fragrance to dogs.


  • Retains the natural white colour of the coat.
  • Counters the problem of itching and scratching.
  • Aloe vera as ingredient prevents bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Removes the dullness of the coat.
  • Thoroughly moisturizes the dog's skin.
  • Maintains overall skin hygiene.
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