All4Pets Silytek Suspension 200 ml

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TYPE: Dog and Cat Supplement

QUANTITY: 200 ml

SUITABLE FOR: Cats and dogs of all breeds and life stages.

DESCRIPTION: Detoxification is important not just for humans, but your pets too. So it is imperative to eliminate toxins from their body from time to time. A loss of appetite, lethargy and dark urine are some indications of Liver complications. All4Pets Silytek Suspension 200 ml safeguards the health of the liver by offering active protection against free radical damage. It also helps in countering hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases. Silymarin present as an ingredient is known for not just preventing liver damage but also assisting to reverse it. It also helps in fighting liver tumours. Silymarin is also a powerful anti-oxidant having 10 times potency than Vitamin E. The suspension liquid is absolutely safe to use and has a longer shelf life.


  • Gives protection to the liver against free radical damage.
  • Offer 10 times anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin E.
  • Prevents and reverses liver ailments like Hepatitis, Cirrhosis and other diseases.
  • Has a longer shelf life.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds.

Silymarin 35mg (in a flavoured base.)

As directed by the veterinarian. Shake well before use.

To be sold by retail on the prescription from a Registered Veterinarian

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