All4Pets Slicker Brush Small

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TYPE: Grooming Brush

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and cats of all breeds.

DESCRIPTION: Regular grooming is vital for both cats and dogs to maintain good skin hygiene and a lack of it can lead to many complications. All4Pets Slicker Brush Small helps in sustaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. It has got a dual action for distributing the natural oil of the skin and to detangle and loosen the dead undercoat in dogs. Wire bristles and nylon bristles in the brush assist a thorough cleansing of the body and help in the removal of dead hairs. Matting of the hair is a huge problem prevalent in dogs and it can cause great pain to dogs when their hair gets stuck somewhere. All4Pets Slicker Brush Small helps in preventing matting and gives good lustre to the coat in both cats and dogs.


  • Gives a thorough cleaning to your pet. 
  • Helps in the proper regulation of oil glands in dogs.
  • Encourages healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
  • Removes dead hair from the body. 
  • Appropriate for long, short and shaggy hair. 
  • Strong wooden handle gives a firm grip.
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