All4Pets Slicker Brush Straight Model

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TYPE: Grooming Brush

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and cats of all breeds.

DESCRIPTION: All4Pets Slicker Brush Straight Model is an ideal cleaning brush for long-haired cats and dogs that help in removing their dead undercoat. Its soft metal bristles are highly useful in getting rid of loose hairs from the body. Regular brushing with this comb also helps to regulate the oil gland of your pets, keeping their skin supple and healthy. You will also be able to thwart away those bothering ticks and fleas if you can keep your pet’s hair clean. All4Pets Slicker Brush Straight Model works great particularly for large breed dogs who are at higher risk of tangling of hair. 


  • Gets rid of dead hair from your pet’s coat
  • Stimulates your pet’s skin for hair growth
  • Maintains a smooth and lustrous coat
  • Regulates oil glands
  • Apt brush for long-haired pets
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