Aqua One Aquarium Air Pump AP-250

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Aqua One Infinity AP 250 can successfully supply air to an aquarium with a capacity of 20 to 200 liters.
Product Features
1) Strong air output

2) Durable and reliable product

3) Safe and silent operation

4) Improves quality of water

5) Enhances performance of filtration system

Product Description
Aqua One Infinity enriches the aquarium water with more oxygen, thereby, makes the lives of marine organisms much better. The high power air pump is durable and performs its duty silently. By oxygenating the tank water, the pump also improves the overall quality of water. Filtration system of aquarium also gets a boost through the air pump.

What are the benefits?
Air is vital for the survival of all living beings. What an aquatic air pump does is it assures the presence of a good quantity of air in the tank water, at all times. Hence, it secures the lives of the tank inhabitants and also promotes their health.

Model         Aquarium upto      Air Output         Speed Control      Number of Outles      Operating Voltage                               

AP 150R       10-100 Liters          100 L/hr                    No                             1                            240V/50Hz    
AP 250         20-200 Liters           200 L/hr                  Yes                           1                            240V/50Hz
AP 750         200-400 Liters        2x200 L/hr              Yes                            2                           240V/50Hz
AP 950         400-700 Liters        2x280 L/hr              Yes                            2                           240V/50Hz 

More Information
Veterinarian Prescription No
Brand Aqua One
Breed No
Breed type No
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