Aqua One Aquarium Heater 300 W

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A superior quality water heater to maintain the temperature of aquarium water, ensuring the comfort and well-being of fish

Product Features
- Completely submersible with double insulation for safety
- Adjustable thermostat with a wide temperature range: 20 to 34°Celsius
- Temperature setting clearly visible at all times
- Control lamp indicates on/off status of the heater
- Suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums (up to 25 to 55 liters)
- Support clips and suction cups provide strong hold over aquarium wall

Description about the product
Aqua One presents the highest quality and technologically advanced aquarium heaters to control the temperature of the water inside the aquarium so that the fish gets a comfortable environment and enjoys a longer life. The aquarium heater can be fully submerged into water and its double insulation provides protection from electrical shock. It contains a thermostat which keeps tab on the water temperature and activates the heater when the temperature reaches the limit set by you.

You can set an ideal temperature as per the needs of your specific fish breed(s) from a temperature range of 20-34 °C. It can be easily done through a knob which is placed right at the upper most tip of the heater. As the temperature reaches the target set by you, the activation of the heater is indicated by the lamp which glows, making you aware of the situation inside the tank.

What are the benefits?
Fish are not able to generate body heat; thus in order to maintain an ideal body temperature they have to depend on the temperature of water. Moreover, sudden fluctuations in the temperature are very dangerous to the lives of fish. Tropical fish, weather freshwater or marine, generally live and flourish in above room temperature.

Thermostat of the Aqua One’s heater constantly monitors the temperature of the tank; as and when the temperature falls and reaches the minimum limit set by you, the heater gets activated to maintain a certain level of warmth to healthily sustain the life of your aquatic creatures .

Important: The best place to put the heater is at a place which is closer to the water flow which is coming out of the filter so that the water heated by the heater spreads all across the aquarium.

Below given details would assist you in choosing an ideal model:

Model Aquariums up to (Liters/Gallons) Length
25W 25L/6 G 19.5cm
55W 55L/12G 23.2cm
100W 100L/25G 27.2cm
150W 150L/40G 27.2cm
200W 200L/50G 32.2cm
300W 300L/75G 37.5cm
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