Beaphar Anti Itch Shampoo For Dogs and Cats 200 ml

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Beaphar Anti-Itch Shampoo has been created to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of dogs and cats which are going through skin problems. Itchiness caused due to skin conditions such as eczema and insect bites can be really irritating for our furry friends. The anti-itch formula cleans the coat, soothes the skin and brings shine to the coat. Aloe vera supplies moisture to the skin and coat and makes them soft and supple. Lemon grass and menthol provides lustre and freshness to the coat.

Product Benefits
A regular pet grooming routine can get hampered by the skin issues that your dog/cat may develop from time to time. Beaphar Anti-Itch cat and dog shampoo caters to the special needs of the animal. Without aggravating the skin irritation, the shampoo works to cleanse, freshen and brighten the skin and coat.

Directions for Use
Shake well before use. Wet the whole coat with warm water. Massage the shampoo into the coat until a rich lather appears. Let it stay in the hair for 2-3 minutes and rinse properly. Repeat the process if required. Dry well.

More Information
Veterinarian Prescription Yes
Brand Beaphar
Breed N/A
Breed type N/A
Product Weight 200 ml
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