Beaphar Bone Builder Supplement For Dogs and Cats 500 gms

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TYPE: Dog and Cat Supplement

QUANTITY: 500 grams

BREED: All breeds

DESCRIPTION: Beaphar Bone Builder is a health supplement to support the development and maintenance of bones and teeth in dogs and cats. It comes in a powdered form so that it can be easily sprinkled and mixed in the pet food. Bone Builder ingredients include a perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus to ensures a strong skeletal and prevents bone-related problems like rickets, bow legs and hip dysplasia. Puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing queens/bitches are going through a critical life stage; they also stand to gain from Beaphar's nutritional supplement. It is ideal to be mixed in the home-cooked meals for dogs (based on meat, fish or soy) as they are most likely to be deficient in certain minerals


  • Maintains the strength of bones and teeth.
  • Prevents bone related problems such as rickets and dysplasia.
  • Helps to reach an optimal weight.

Dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium lactate pentahydrate, magnesium oxide, yeast.

Calcium (Ca)-(26%w/w), Phosphorus (P)-(11.7% w/w), Crude ash (66% w/w) ,crude protein-(2.1%), moisture(14%w/w), crude fiber-(0.1%w/w).

To be sprinkled over and mixed into food.


  • Puppies, small dogs & cats - one measuring spoonful
  • Medium-sized dogs - two measuring spoonfuls
  • Large dogs, pregnant or nursing females - three measuring spoonfuls
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