BEAPHAR Flick out Spray 100 Ml

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TYPE: Pet Spray

QUANTITY: 100 ml

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs above 2 months of age

DESCRIPTION: Excessive skin scratching and the appearances of hair patches in dogs can be a sign of parasitic incursion. The most common parasites found in dogs are ticks and fleas. They feed on the pet’s blood and often trigger serious allergic reactions. They are also often responsible for the abnormal hair fall in the dogs.  Beaphar Flick Out Spray 100ml is an excellent anti-parasitic spray that helps in the prevention and control of parasites like ticks, fleas, bedbugs and flies. The spray keeps away ticks for 1 month and fleas up to 2 months. Permethrin is the main constituent of the spray that is well known for its insecticidal properties. It also removes the problem of lice in the canines.  Beaphar Flick Out Spray is an absolutely non-toxic spray that is suitable for all breeds and skin types. 


  • Effectively removes ticks, fleas and lice. 
  • Prevents the redness of the skin and itching
  • Terminates hair lice in dogs
  • Absolutely non-toxic spray
  • Suitable for all dog breeds 


Permethrin 2%, astringent base Q.S.


Barring ears and eyes,  Flickout Spray can be spread directly on the body

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