Beaphar Gentle Leader For Small Dogs and Puppy

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Gentle Leader is a scientifically designed dog training tool which is humane as well as effective. An exclusive and patented design, the head collar is made of finest quality nylon. The long lasting product includes an informative training guide regarding the use of Gentle Leader. When correctly fitted, your dog can comfortably breathe, pant, eat, drink and play as usual. It is a dog training equipment wherein you can express your approval and disapproval in the most gentle manner. The Gentle Leader will never let the dog choke. It will prevent pulling on to the leash through immediate and gentle control.

Product Benefits
There is an exhaustive training guide about the Gentle Leader which will give you a great understanding about the dog-friendly training device. The head collar uses dog’s natural instincts in order to control its unwanted behaviour. Technique of putting gentle pressure at the back of the neck and the muzzle facilitates positive communication without confusion or pain. Gentle Leader is the preferred choice of top dog trainers, vets and behaviourists across the world.

Size: The small size head collar is suitable for small breed dogs like Toy Poodle, Pug, Beagle and Pomeranian. It is also a right for puppies of medium and large dog breeds.

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