Beaphar Joint Fit Supplement For Dogs

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TYPE: Dog Supplement


BREED: All Breeds

Beaphar Joint Fit supplement for dogs is a tasty treat for achieving optimum joint health and to improve overall flexibility of your dog. It is beneficial for large breed and senior dogs to have their joints in optimal condition in order to keep them lively and athletic. Glucosamine being the main ingredient gives an anti inflammatory effect by reducing swelling and stiffness. It also helps in repairing body tissues.


  • Assists a high mobility in dogs by keeping their tendons, connective tissues and joints healthy
  • Lowers pain associated with disease conditions.
  • Highly delicious treat. 

Glucosamine chloride

Every day, give one treat per 5 kg body weight. Nutritional supplements take time to give a visible effect, and administration should continue at this level until a significant improvement has been achieved. Thereafter, the number of treats may be reduced to 1 per 10 kg body weight to maintain good condition.

It should be noted that some dogs may respond less, due to other underlying conditions. Veterinary advice should be sought in these cases.

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