Beaphar Top 10 Multivitamin Cat Supplement 30 tabs

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Vitamins and minerals are essential for optimum functioning of every body system.The regular diet may not supply every nutrient, add to this the fussy eating habits of a cat, and inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals becomes an obvious reality. Beaphar brings a food supplement for cats which contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements to promote overall vitality and strength in every aspect of the body (such as heart, liver, nervous system, digestive system and immune system).Bones and teeth will receive the right support to maintain its strength.Multi-vitamins for cats will also endow the pet with health and beauty from the inside.

Product Benefits
Beaphar has brought those essential vitamins and minerals the intake of which cannot be fully guaranteed by the regular diet of a cat. Having all the nutrients which an organism needs would better the chances of its living a healthier, more active and longer life.Beaphar multi-vitamin is ideal health supplement for every cat.

Directions for use: 1 tablet per 2.5 kg body weight per day.

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