Bellotta Tuna Gravy Cat Food 85 gms (12 Pcs)

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TYPE: Wet Cat Food

QUANTITY: 85 grams X 12 pieces

BREED: All breeds

DESCRIPTION: Bellotta Tuna Gravy Cat Food 85 gms (12 Pcs) is wholesome wet cat food having the goodness and essence of Tuna fish for fulfilling the nutritional requirements of both kittens and cats. Tuna has a healthy protein content for maintaining optimal body function and to enhance muscle mass. Natural fibres have been added for keeping a healthy digestive tract and good bowel movement. A moderate fat content present in the diet meets the high energy requirements in cats. Bellotta Tuna Gravy Cat Food can also be given as a snack to the cats. It also contains VItamin E which is an excellent antioxidant for building a strong immune system. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is a good organic prebiotic which helps in the detoxification of the cat’s body. 


  • Tuna fish as an ingredient makes the food highly palatable. 
  • Promotes healthy skin and a glossier coat. 
  • Moderate fat content keeps the dog healthy and active. 
  • Supports a faster wound healing. 
  • 84% moisture content of the food keeps the cat well hydrated. 
  • Suitable for cats of all breeds. 

INGREDIENTS: Tuna, jelly, flavouring, taurine, oligofructose, vitamins, minerals, colouring.


Protein (Min) 13 %,Fiber(Max) 0.5 %, Fat (Min) 0.5 %, Moisture (Max) 84 %

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