Bellotta Tuna Gravy Cat Food 85 gms

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TYPE: Wet Cat Food

QUANTITY: 85 grams

BREED: All breeds

DESCRIPTION: Bellotta Tuna Gravy Cat Food 85 gms is a highly nutritious cat food having Tuna flavour for making it highly delicious to both kittens and adult cats. Rich protein content in the food builds good muscle mass and strength. An adequate level of fat is present for fulfilling the overall energy requirements of felines. Bellotta Tuna is a completely hypo-allergenic food having no preservatives for making it suitable for the most sensitive of cats. Natural fibres have been added for facilitating healthy digestion and higher nutrient absorption. Bellotta Tuna Gravy Cat Food can be used as a snack and treat during training purposes. Taurine is an important amino acid for boosting eyesight and cardiac health in cats. A moisture content of 84% ensures that your pet cat remains well hydrated.  


  • Build lean muscle mass and strength. 
  • Encourages healthy skin and a radiant coat. 
  • Boost overall energy in felines. 
  • Keeps the cat well hydrated. 
  • Promotes good cardiac health and eyesight. 

INGREDIENTS: Tuna, jelly, flavouring, taurine, oligofructose, vitamins, minerals, coloring.


Protein (Min) 13 %,Fiber(Max) 0.5 %, Fat (Min) 0.5 %, Moisture (Max) 84 %

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