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10 Christmas Gifts to quirk up your pets. #SantaPaw

T’is the season of gifting presents and bestowing warmth! Are you one of those who never forget to surprise his pet with rewards it truly enjoys but have grown bored with clichéd gifting ideas and raring to digress from the popular path? We have compiled an interestingly bizarre list of pet presents away from the ordinary, It’s time to up the ante and Get  your Quirk quotient on. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Super Man Dog costume: Get your dogs costumes for Halloween, a fancy dress party and a theme party. Let it be part of the celebrations along with you and blend with the mood of the festivity.
Superman-Dog-Costume-Small_DA_41_333 Cat tree with a swinging toy: Perfect gift to amuse a kitten or an adult cat. Whether, its nail-filing, scratching, jumping from one perch to another or playing with the hanging toy, this one cat tree offers all of it.

Image :

Image :

Handmade Dog coat and bobble hat: A blend of Soothing colors and comforting warmth. On top of this the pet looks oh so adorable!

Pet pillows: Washable pet pillows are a great thing to have around the home, especially if you own one feisty pet! They come in a washable material with interesting patterns. Just so you can use them as part of your home décor.


Cat sack made of synthetic lamb’s wool: Your house cat will go gaga over this snuggly item. It wouldn’t know whether to sleep in it or play with it. The sack is befitting to each of the two activities.

Pet Themed Christmas decoration: It is cut out from a natural substance like bamboo or synthetic acrylic. It can be hung around the Christmas tree or any other point in your house.

Afro dog wig: A great accessory for your pet! Let it don this funky head gear to make a statement at the next doggy bash it’s invited to. Surely your pooch will win lot of praise from two and four legged attendees for it’s out of the box look.



Collapsible pet bowl: Collapsible dog bowls made up of food grade silicone are easy to carry when you travel with your canine. They are light weight and simple to clean. You can use them as water or food bowls for your pet dog.



A chastity belt for she dogs – Yes you heard it right! It is a perfect solution to unwanted or accidental breeding. This useful invention works as a genital defense system. Gift your female pooch these cool Chastity pants and let it roam worriless in the dog park or around the neighborhood. These pants not just look adorable but are designed for female pooches to protect their modesty from dogs on the loose. The unique product was also featured on Daily Mail UK.

Photo by Rex Features ( 1140384f )

Photo by Rex Features ( 1140384f )

Cool dog shaped cat scratch bed: It’s like gifting your cat two items packed in one cool shaped product. A comfy bed and a scratching post is what this entails.

Dog goggles Dog sunglasses provide intense protection to the eyes from UV light and foreign objects apart from making your dog Uber Cool.
dog goggles Hope the compilation has satiated your search for some unique and at the same time useful gifts for your dog and cat. A funky superman costume will not just lift the mood of the beholder but also offer soothing warmth to the pet. Therefore a reward can be exclusive, eccentric and functional all at once.


The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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