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10 Dog Breeds Blacklisted by Insurance Companies

The insurance claims of dog bite injury have shot-up in the past couple of decades, making it more difficult for dog owners to be eligible for homeowner’s insurance that can protect them in case their dog attacks someone. It is seen that approximately one third of the claims filed under homeowners’ insurance policies involve a claim of dog bite. Furthermore, some insurance companies also offer discounted premiums if you do not have a blacklisted dog breed.

The “Bad Dog Breed List” may change according to a particular dog breed’s current popularity, or whether a breed has been in the headlines lately. Following is the list of 10 dog breeds that are blacklisted by some insurance companies:

1. Staffordshire Bull Terriers
2. American Staffordshire terrier

3. Chow Chow

4. Bull Terrier


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5. Pit Bulls

6. Akita

7. Doberman pinscher

8. Rottweiler

9. Mastiff

10. Direct Wolf/Dog Crossbreeds

Wolf German Shepherd Hybrid2
You must remember that each insurance company draws up its own list of blacklisted dog breeds that is based upon its own opinion of the risk associated with the dog breed. Furthermore, for blacklisting a breed, no specific scientific criteria are required. It is possible that simply one media report might be enough to cause an insurance company to decide that one or another dog breed is dangerous.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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