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10 Dog Shaming photos from Facebook to brighten up your day|Funny Dogs

Peeved by your Pet’s antics? Well we have the right platform for you to vent out all the anxiety & annoyance here on our blog page. Below is a compilation of some funnily ridiculous pictures (shared by some pet owners) that have helped them relieve all the anger and turn it into laughter by revealing the naughtiness and not so cute energy of their beloved four legged children. Each photo unravels a dirty confession made by the pet. Let’s take it as an indirect apology! Enjoy this heady mix of disobedience, followed by admission and feel happy and free to share your pet confessions with us.

1. Feeling holier than thou!


2.  We are the Stinky sock indulger duo.


3. There is nothing that I can’t digest.


4. This is the reason behind my colorful character.





5. Piss is a good hair conditioner. Try it on your hair human mamma.


6. Don’t think any less of me just because I don’t have hind legs. I still can be as mean as I was before.


7. No wonder I am such a peaceful soul.


8. At least it’s not smelly.


9. Have I started to look cute like our neighbors bunny?” “If yes, then the poop diet worked!!!


10. That’s the only first and last mischief I have done. My innocent face says it all, doesn’t it?




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