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10 Dog Stories That Are Hard to Believe But True

Amazing dog stories for kids, yes real stories of faithful dogs showing their love for their masters. Read the below inspirational dog stories that are hard to believe but true.

1. A mixed breed Collie, named Woodie, was owned by Rae Anne Knitter of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  One day, Rae Anne Knitter and her boyfriend Ray were out together on hike with Woodie. When ray went out to the ledge of an 80 foot shale cliff to get photos, he slipped over the edge. After that, Woodie also leapt down after him, and when rescuers arrived at the bottom Woodie was beside Ray nudging his head out from the water of stream bed they landed in. In this accident, Woodie had broken both of his hips in the leap. Both did survive the ordeal.

images (1)

Collie – one of the most faithful dogs every owner would love to have

2. A black Newfoundland, named Villa, was from New Jersey. Villa was a half grown puppy when during a storm, she started barking from her dog-run. After several minutes, she leapt over the 5 foot fence and ran across her neighbor’s yard. At that time, the visibility was zero, and the winds were howling at 60 miles per hour. Andrea Anderson, neighbor’s 11 year old girl, was out looking at the storm when the wind blew her across the yard. She jammed in a drift, and was unable to free herself. Villa heard her cries for help, and found Andrea. Then, Villa had to circle Andrea several times before she was able to manage to free herself from the drift. Villa then led the child safely to her home.


Villa who fought snow storms to save the life of a childl

3. An adopted dog from Connecticut, Duke, proved his worth by saving an infant child. One night, Duke woke up his owner by shaking uncontrollably on his bed, trying to get their attention. The nine-week-old infant Hazel was unable to breath in other room, and without the intervention of Duke they never would have noticed.


Duke who saved the life of nine-week-old infant Hazel

4. Joe Stalnaker, an eight-week adopted German shepherd, was trained by his owner (suffering from seizure) to use the phone if his owner began to have an attack. One day, his owner, Mr Stalnaker, of Arizona, had an attack of Epileptic seizures. So, in this situation his lovely pet just hit the speed-dial button on the phone for 911 and saved the life of his owner.

Joe Stalnaker

This German Shepherd knows how to dial a phone number

5. A five pound Chihuahua dog breed from Colorado, Zoey, made headlines in 2007 for rescuing a one year old child from a three foot long rattlesnake when the snake got too close for comfort. In this incident, Zoey sustained a small wound from snakebite above her eye, she eventually recovered and the snake was killed by the dog’s owner.


Chihuahua dog who isn’t afraid of snakes

6. The heroic tale of Shana, a half wolf dog/half German Shepard, became quite popular few years ago. Shana saved an elderly couple from the treacherous snow storm. One day, Shana found Norman and Eve trapped by the snow, and then she went to work, diligently digging out a tunnel through which she would pull the couple back to the safety of their home.


Shana, the German Shepherd who was no less than a miracle dog for Norman and Eva.

7. A 4-year old Golden Retriever was accredited for saving a paralyzed man, Gareth Jones, who got his wheelchair stuck in the middle of a muddy field. When Gareth Jones found himself stuck in the muddy field and unable to move, the former dog was ready to answer the call.  The Golden Retriever dutifully pulled the rope that Jones threw to him until the wheelchair was pulled free.

Golden Retriever

Gareth Jones with his friend – A Dog is a man’s best friend

8. Rocky, a Lakewood Colorado police dog, made headlines in 2002 by chasing a burglar, taking a bullet in the process and ultimately helping to nab a 20 year old thug. According to the the dog’s officer/partner, Darren Mauer, the bullet to Rocky’s paw never slowed him down and he was the same dog after as he was before.

Rocky (1)

Rocky, the dog who helped nab a burglar

9. A Golden retriever heroically saved his owner Debbie Parkhurst from choking to death on an apple in her Maryland home. When Debbie Parkhurst was choking, the dog leapt hard onto her chest and forced the lodged morsel to come loose from her throat. Later, the Golden retriever was awarded “Dog of the Year” award in 2007.


The Golden Retriever with Debbie Parkhurst

10. Nyla is another courageous dog that risked her life to save her owner from the threat of fire. When Sheila, the owner of Nyla, found herself surrounded by flames and smoke, unable to see in front of her, Nyla audaciously took her toward a nearby door. Nyla used to bark whenever Sheila lost her track towards the door.



From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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