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10 Pet Products every dog owner must have!

Welcoming the furry four-legged brat into your world requires the new found parent to make a beeline for the pet supplies’ store and gather the necessities that equate, to the pet dog’s comfortable and stress free living. The Essential-Kit must comprise of the under-mentioned items for living up to an ideal parenting experience.


1. Dog Body Harness and Leash

A dog-harness helps in removing the pressure that a collar would exert on the dog’s neck. When the canine wearing a collar pulls itself the pressure that develops around the neck can also affect the normal breathing cycle. However a harness helps in evenly distributing this force along the chest or the backside of the dog’s body. A harness with two different points of connection, one on the chest and the other at the backside enables not just easy handling by the owner but also restricts pulling and the pet learns to walk beside its master. The dog-leash must be minimum 56 inches in length, and a soft leash will provide the much needed comfort to the owner who is in-charge of taking the grip on the lead.


2. Ear wipes

Your dog’s ears would require regular cleaning, and dog ear wipes are the perfect solution. The dog usually shies away from such a procedure therefore the parent would require patience along with the necessary item such as an ear wipe that can be easily used to clean the wax and dirt from the opening of the ear. Ear Drops such as Tea Tree Oil Ear Drops and Virbac Epiotic for dogs are equally effective. Among Ear Wipes for Dogs, only one quality variant is available In India to our knowledge and Pet Brands Ear Wipes ticked all the right boxes with pet product experts at Pets World India.


3. Eye wipes

These help in cleaning the clumps also known as tear stains, formed underneath the eye. Small-breed dogs are more prone to tear stains compared to larger breeds. Dog eye drops become a necessity during the treatment of eye problems such as discharge from the eyes and infections.


4. Antitick powder

For the perfect flea control solution anti tick powder for dogs by Himalaya or Notix can be rubbed all over the pet’s body to tackle the problem of flea infestation that is especially common during summers. Among anti tick shampoos for dogs we recommend Bayer Bolfo shampoo for dogs for treating mild to medium infestations.


5. Paw Butter

A dog’s paw pads can get dry and develop cracks. Paw butter guarantees that extra moisture and soothes rough paws. Walking on the hot asphalt roads or pavements often result in unwanted damage to the paws over a period of time. Massaging the paw butter on to the pads helps to moisturize and comfort the feet. Petacom India specializes in creating unique DOG SPA products and has recently introduced PetaPaw butter for Dogs in two unique fragrances and is a definite thumbs up from us and a delight for dogs.


6. Water Bottle

It is very important to carry a bottle of water for the dog during its exercise or play time. Walking the dog during hot weather may lead to overheating; therefore it is extremely important to carry a water bottle for the pet to prevent dehydration.


7. Grooming Glove for dogs

Dog owners can use grooming gloves to remove the slack hair from the dog’s coat that fall off  upon running the glove, this item can be used in a similar way a brush is used for grooming.


8. Dog toothpaste and a tooth brush that works for you

A pet parent needs to pay attention towards a dog’s oral care. In the absence of dental hygiene the canine may develop foul breath, gingivitis, tooth pain and in extreme cases periodontal gum disease that can result in tooth loss. Oral grooming must include the use of teeth wipes, regular brushing and use of a good quality tooth paste. Dental treats can also be supplied to the dog for maintaining your pet’s dental health. For the ease of use, Petkin’s Plaque Gel and Teeth Wipes for Dogs can come very handy with the purpose.



9. Odor eliminator spray/Dog Deodorant/ Kennel Cleaners

A dog’s kennel requires regular cleaning and disinfecting, lest bacteria and germs that lead to infections may turn up uninvited. Clean up the fecal matter, hair, dirt, and vomit stains that are also the root cause of foul smell. Using a good disinfectant meant for kennels must follow the cleaning procedure as it will help in eliminating bacteria and other infective agents. If you don’t want your house to have a distinct ‘not so pleasant smell’ emanating from your dog’s coat or piss, then an odor neutralizer/eliminator is your best bet. Also it can be used to house break the pet and sprayed on a carpet/furniture item that he previously soiled to prevent it from depositing a scent mark in the future. A dog’s deodorizer spray comes handy when a dog especially with thicker hair has a perennial and typical foul smell. This simple remedy attacks the stink instantly.


10. Petsworld Led Dog Collar

An LED dog collar proves extremely helpful while walking the pet dog at night time. It not just enables a safe walking experience as cars/vehicles passing by can easily spot the animal, but also the glowing collar will help the master locate the pet in the dark when it is off-leash. An illuminating dog jacket serves the double benefit of keeping the pet cozy and increasing its visibleness in the dark.



It is always wise to gear up for the big responsibility much before you bring your forever companion to its permanent abode. Having the dog essentials’ kit ready well in advance will allow hassle free rearing and caring for the furry family member.


With over 15 years of experience in dealing with pets, the PetsWorld Team is now a constant guide for thousands of pet owners in India. Their passion for improving the lives of pets can be seen in their featured blog posts dedicated to pet care.

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