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10 Excellent Ways To Stay Active And Fit With Your Dog

If we have a dog as a pet, we sure have the best companion around. They prove to be better than humans in certain areas. More loyal to their master than any other friend on this planet. Dogs love to indulge in activities with their owners and in fact there are many ways in which both can spend constructive time.


Do not like to hit the gym or indulge in proper exercising to keep fit? Obesity is a condition which has engulfed the entire humankind. Dogs are also facing similar conditions. The issues which are alarming for us, are also alarming for them with the same conditions seen in them, like diabetes, hypertension and cardiac issues. Well, not to worry at all! Below are listed a few excellent ways to stay active and fit with your dog.

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  • Be active and hit outdoor games with your dog. Play with the tennis ball. The “Throw and ball” activity will be loved by your dog. It will love to run around to fetch the ball. You will also do a lot of hand and shoulder movements by way of throwing the ball. Both will have fun and achieve the target of doing some exercising while having fun.

Dogs Playing Fetch - French Bulldog

  • Take soccer ball into consideration as well. The activity will not be as strenuous as a real soccer game, but it will give a fair chance to be active on the ground. A lot of running around will be involved and give both a chance to achieve the target.


  • Indulge in walking with your pup. Take your dog around for walks. Walking is the best form of exercise accepted worldwide. Both can go for long walks and have fun. Leash your dog and enjoy the day with it. Just be careful as stray dog’s trouble at times.


  • Go for hiking with your pup. A perfect idea to keep both of you active and be adventurous at the same time. Along the countryside, many options of hiking are available and it is an enjoyable activity. For the dog to be around the owner is itself a cheerful activity. But getting some exercising while hiking will do well for both of you.



  • Playful activities can be of any form. Hide and seek is another game which involves running of both, thus giving a chance to become active and have a good cardiac exercise.


  • When you do it, its yoga and when you both do it, it’s “doga”. Yes! You got it right, yoga with dog is “doga”. It will calm your body and mind. The stretching of the muscles is going to be beneficial to both of you and hence aid in achieving the target of fitness. Your dog will love it too.
  • Why-You-Should-Start-Doing-Yoga-With-Your-Dog
  • Hit the pool and play with the ball in it. A fun way to relax in the water. It will be an excellent idea as it will give both of you an excellent way to be fit. Playing in water is fun. Just be careful and alert.

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 2, 2013: Juno, a 2 year old lab mix, couldn't get enough of the pool and the pool toys as Jeanette Smith, his owner, tosses a toy from the top of a slide and Juno goes flying down after it in the pool at the Kiwanis Pool in Northglenn, CO on September 2, 2013.  Lucky dogs were invited to swim at the Kiwanis Pool before it gets drained for the summer.  In addition to swimming, dogs enjoyed games, contests, treats and running around off leash with other dogs.  The price of entry was $5 which benefits the pool.  This is the first year Northglenn has offered the pool to the dogs.  Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post

  • Going to beach will give both of you time off to bask in the sun and take your dose of vitamin D. Chasing the waves and play other games to ensure a fun filled memorable day out.
  • stock-footage-male-owner-sitting-on-a-beach-with-a-dog

All of these are only ways to help and assist you to be on the path of achieving fitness. The dog will also have the same experience and it will do well for both of you. Exercising along with fun activities is the best way to stay active, healthy and fit. This ensures riddance of many health conditions and helps in achieving a fit life.

Food also plays a major role in this area. Do not have oily and fatty food. As it will make you and your pooch lethargic and obese. Even the dog food should be given as per the advice of the vet. Not all kinds of foods suit the dog. Diet plays a vital role in giving you the active body and mind. Foods, which contribute to obesity should be avoided and kept out of reach of the dog too.

A package of the best outdoor activities will help you to get closer to your target. The fitness regime will do good to both of you. Staying active is not difficult. Just a bit of pushing is required and the rest is simple. With a load of activities lined up, both are sure to have fun filled time along with some serious results of health benefits. A healthy body helps in attaining a lot as it increases the efficiency to do extra work without getting tired. The flexibility of the body also increases accelerating the blood flow, which in turn is the answer to many ailments. So stay fit and active.


Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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