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10 Myths About Dogs That People Still Believe Are True

Myth 1- Shelter dogs and stray dogs cannot be domesticated.

Real Fact- If shelter dogs and stray dogs are not exceptionally aggressive and free of disease; they would be as great companions as would a pedigree dog. However, it is quite essential to get these dogs sterilized, checked, and possibly analyzed for their aggressive traits as well.

street dog


Myth 2- Old dogs cannot be trained

Real Fact- Old dogs respond well to training, and they love to get to learn new things. With the right training and motivation, old dogs can be trained quite easily.

Myth 3- A warm nose means the dog is ill

Real Fact- Dogs’ noses do not have much to do with their health. The only way to tell, your dog is ill or not, is by scientifically taking a temperature reading.

dog nose

Myth 4- Tail wagging means the dog is harmless and happy

Real Fact- Not all tail wagging imply happiness. Twitched tails wagging while held high are more likely the sign of aggression than joy.

Myth 5- If my loyal dog doesn’t like any person that means something is negative about the person’s intentions

Real Fact- Dogs sometimes express aggression die to jealousy or they sometime dislike of the person’s general physical gestures. Therefore, this is just a harmless dislike.

Myth 6- Your dog makes cute guilty face to confess her folly

Real Fact- The guilty expression on the face of dog is an attempt to pacify the owner if he/she looks upset with her.

Myth 7- Dog’s saliva heals wounds

Real Fact- Although dog’s saliva contains enzymes that may aid healing, it also contains harmful bacteria that may make your wound worse and also give you severe infections.

Myth 8- Dogs themselves communicate their illness to the owners

Real Fact- Dogs may perceive their illness as a weakness and may try to hide it because they still possess some of their primate instincts of surviving in the wild.


Myth 9- A fearful, aggressive or shy dog means that he is/was abused

Real Fact- Behavior of dogs is based on environment and genetics, therefore, you cannot generalize that your dog has been abused simply by his mannerisms.

shy dog

Myth 10- A dog chasing his tail means that he is bored

Real Fact- Tail chasing is caused by repetitive behavior and it can be a complicated combination of environmental, physiological, and learned factors.



From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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