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10 Ways To Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instincts

Cat Instinct Tips

In spite of being domesticated, sheltered, and brought up in a homely environment, cats just can’t do away with their genetic hunting instincts. Even if you come across your fluffy partner whiling its time away on a lazy afternoon, don’t get carried away with such cuteness overloads. Your kitty companion is surely on its way to some serious hunting business.

If you delve deep into the nuances of cat behavior, it won’t be difficult to identify that cats are hunters by their intrinsic nature. Although pet cats living with families and within domestic boundaries seldom get the chance to pounce on their prey, given a chance, they will surely love to engage in some exciting hunting activities.

Addressing hunting desires

A majority of cat owners fail to comprehend the importance of hunting thus ignoring the issue altogether. The furry friend at home needs to be pampered and given adequate opportunities to follow its hunting practices. As a passionate cat owner, it is your responsibility to address such behavioral attributes and let your pet kitty enjoy. Here’s how:

1) Ensure the right stimulation

Every pet is different in its own way and when it comes to cats, there’s no denying the queer, unusual, and exceptional behavior projected by them at times. Your pet cat requires perfect stimulation and the right amount of encouragement to get excited. While dogs accompany their masters to several places like parks, restaurants, and coffee hangouts, cats don’t like to do that. As a result, understanding its mood and identifying the right stimulation points become a prime requisite for owners.

2) Choosing appropriate toys

Once you are successful in identifying cat behavior, make sure you opt for the correct aid or accessories. Some of the top cat toy suppliers like Pets World have a range of exclusive options for kitty parents. Their KONG TOYS range can prove to be the best resources for your furry companies and stimulate them to optimum levels. From Kickeroo pattern to Dumbbell sticks, the options are endless for the born hunters.

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3) Faux Food

Replicating a real hunting session can be great as it ensures splendid experiences for your kitty friend. Plan your purchase with reputed suppliers like Pets World and they will come up with exclusive faux food for your pet cat. You can hide it to accelerate excitement and let your fluffy friend look for it. Such food toys replicate a real hunting experience which encourages the playfulness in your cats.

4) Set up nice outdoors

Taking your pet cat for bird-watching or spending some time with it outdoors can be a great thing to boost its hunter’s instincts. In case your pet finds it frustrating to watch so many preys around and frets over its incapability to catch them, you should make a move. Or else, let it enjoy the entire scenario as a moving image. For some cats, the feeling is almost like watching a show on television.

5) Control their frustration

It’s always better not to confine your furry companion to boundaries, as it might get frustrated to a great extent. Make sure they are taken outdoors and given chances to vent out their predatory feelings. If you fail to do so, the cat might become disgusted and pounce on a prey at the slightest initiation. It is always better to address their hunting instincts early on rather than having an irritable, disgusted, and frustrated cat.

6) Use laser pointers

While planning to use laser pointers, it is always better to resort to safety measures. Steer clear of showing the light directly at the cat’s eyes as it might impair vision completely. Point the laser at an object or a toy that resembles a creature your cat can kill. Or else, its failure to track and catch the dots will lead to serious frustration.

7) Identifying preferences

Pets have a world of their own. It is evident that they go through emotional turmoil every day which makes them even more irritating than ever. Before satisfying your cat’s hunting pleasures, make sure you identify its preferences. Find out what your fluffy friend likes to play. Engage in some of its favorite games and your kitty will surely open up.

8) Placing bird feeders

Your little furry friend needs the right amount of entertainment too. You can place a bird feeder in front of the cat house so that it gets the right impetus to become the hunter all over again. The planning has to be exciting and strategic.

9) Indoor garden

How about creating an exciting garden for your pet cat? You can choose cat-friendly and safe plants that make the garden look real. Hide cat treats in the nooks and crannies, as your furry companion tries it best to find them. The indoor garden will give you the perfect opportunity to satisfy your cat’s hunting desires.

10) Ensure interactive play

Cat owners have to gauge the significance of interactive play. If you have a cat at home, make sure you spend some time with it. Even if you are planning to organize a game for it, make sure you participate and play with your lovely cat.

Signing off

Addressing your cat’s hunter instincts can be beneficial for its health and mood. It will lead a rejuvenated life with the loveliest partner working out ideas to satisfy its hunting desires. With these tips in mind, things will surely be easier for you.


Tamanna is a blogger by profession and actively writes on Animal Welfare and Pet Parenting related issues. Her work has been well accepted on major digital platforms including the Huffington Post India.

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