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Take a Dekko!!! 11 Amazing Professional Dog Photos from Pinterest.

These camera friendly creatures will give supermodels a run for their money, the only difference is that these happy souls are not posing !!! Here’s an eye candy for dog lovers…

1. I have never seen elegance go out of style!



2. Can you see the serenity of sunset reflected in my eyes?


3. No, I didn’t work in 101 Dalmatians, or 102 Dalmatians, or 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure. Can you get this printed in tomorrow’s paper?


4. I just had the most horrifying dream…all the bones were going up to the sky.


5. Sun on my face, wind in my hair, music in my ears and peace in my soul… (huff huff)


6. Why is that cow looking at me? Don’t tell me she is my mother!


7. Drinking water is so much fun this way. Master should see this.


8. What! Slow and steady wins the race. What a lame idea!


9. Have Boat; Will Sail!


10. TWO’s Company! Three’s a Party!


11. I am a very serious person.

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