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11 Awesome Photos of Dogs & kids Growing up together. Meet Coolest Good Dog People !!!

Meet these die hard dog lovers from across the world, who’ve bonded over the years with their pets like siblings and have rightly earned an experience that will enrich them for life. The purest form of love is best described in these 9 before and after images of these adorable animals and their lucky masters who have had the privilege of growing up with the man’s best friend.

Why did time fly so fast?

1.  I weigh more than you, thanks to all the yummy food you serve me all day. Put me down you might just strain a hamstring.

then and now

2. I am 17 years old and still going strong. This marine biggie in all probability will outlive its master.


3. Hey are you trying to grow your beard like my whiskers? Don’t copy my style!

12yrs apart1

3. My brother from another mother!


4. I still snuggle up to this missy and retreat into dreamland full of yummy bones and treats. Sixteen long years have passed and nothing has changed!


6. Black lab in arms 10 years apart: I am still your teddy no matter how big I grow.


7. Seven months apart; My cuteness will GROW on you.


8. Five Months Apart Rottweiler Dog ; Bigger the Better!!!


9. Five months apart and both adorable GSD photos, still fighting for his bed space…


10. 3 months apart – Happiness is a warm Puppy – Charles Schultz


11. 6 months apart befor and after photo of the Cutest Cat in the World still clinging to the teddy…


It seems like time took a big leap and transported us to the future. The love is same and so is the bond as inseparable as before.

A life spent with dog is indeed well spent and While for those who’d still say that only money can buy Happiness! Here’s some advice. Dude! GET A DOG…

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