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11 Tricks That Makes Your Cat Happy

Wondering how to make your cat happy? This post reveals some of the best ways to make cats happy.

Cats are a little different from dogs and making them happy needs a little extra effort. Cats may seem to be indifferent and but another fact that is worth noting is that they easily get fearful. Handling a cat and keeping it happy will need persistence and following certain tricks.

1. Try to listen to your cat- You may be wondering how to listen to your cat, but by listening we mean understanding verbal as well as non-verbal cues. Sometimes, we get aghast watching our beloved kitty react in a weird manner, like scratching the sofa or any surface. You may not understand, but it is a sure shot sign of stress.


2. Train your cat to handle different environments- Cats love to enjoy the same routine and you will have to really coax it out from its comfort zone and try to train it in such a way that it gets used to different environments. This can be easily done by creating mechanical obstacles. You can also use tin foil on various surfaces, or put double sided tape on the areas where your cat loves to scratch furniture. Change the environment and put up a separate scratching post and if your cat chooses this alternative instead of regular surfaces, you can also give it some reward to reinforce this newly learned behavior.


3. Make your intentions clear – Make your cat understand your love for her. You can give some lovely toys for her to play, tasty food and quality time that will make your intentions clear for your kitty. If your cat is feeling happy, it will also enjoy amazing health.

4. Make cooing sounds – If your cat is feeling sad, spend some time and make cooing sounds so that it feels relaxed. Gentle stroking or patting will also make her feel relaxed and happy. When it sees you as its guardian and meal provider instead of an owner, it will feel happier and relaxed.


5.Do not force your cat –If you are looking forward for some cuddle with your adorable kitty, allow it some time to come out of its shell and start feeling comfortable. If you try to force a cuddle, it may feel threatened.


6. Place a litter box in a secluded area- Believe it or not, just like human beings, our kitty also love to poop in a secluded place with no one watching them when they are relieving themselves. We must respect its privacy and ensure that the cat uses the litter box lying in a calm and secluded area.

7.Use a tin of catnip to entice your cat- If your cat is too timid and all your efforts to bring it out of its shell has failed, try luring it with a tin of catnip. The catnip has proved to be quite an attractive lure for the cats who will suddenly become far friendlier. This may break the ice and prove to be the stepping stone for building a strong bond or relationship between you and your kitty.

8. Allow your cat to enjoy amazing views – Just like other animals, your cat may also be curious about new things. You can come up with certain hidden places, like a cat tree or a shelf, something a little higher, from where your kitty can observe new things or happenings peacefully without being disturbed.


9. Be very cautious about the rump- When a cat raises its tush, it doesn’t mean that it needs a little rub, because if your cat gets overstimulated in this region, it may become a little aggressive. This is because in this area, the cat is just a bundle of nerves and overstimulation may become too much to handle.

10 Be gentle with your cat – We understand that you would love to play with your cat, involve it in family activities, but while doing so, you must not get overwhelmed and go overboard with your excitement. Be a little gentle with you kitty and allow it some time to be comfortable so that it can enjoy with gay abandon.


11.Don’t make them jealous – We have usually seen that dogs love to play with other dogs, but the same does not hold true with cats. They do not love the company of other cats. In fact, they may discover the feeling of jealously plaguing them when they find other cats hogging your attention. If you spend more time than necessary with other cats, your little kitty may even start distrusting you.

By following the above mentioned tricks you can easily make your kitty happy and more friendlier with you. Whenever you find it down in the doldrums, just use any of these tricks and you will find your kitty again in joyful spirits. Even cats may undergo mood swings and you must respect the same instead of forcing yourself on them.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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