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11 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

Pets are an integral part of the family. They become like a loved member in the family which owns them. It is a human gesture to love and take good care of your pet. Cats are common pet animals and there are some amazing facts which will make you love cats. People find them cute and especially kids are exceptionally fond of them. Just like the cat owners love their cats, it is important for the animal also to reciprocate the feeling of the owner.


Some simple tips can ensure their love towards the owners:

  • Pay attention to your pet, cat: Make sure that only keeping the cat is not enough. They need affection, love and attention. They can easily make out whether the human breed is fond of them or not. Be playful with them to make them feel wanted. Small gestures like this will ensure their love towards you. They will reciprocate your feeling of love with love.
  • Keep your cat out of danger: It is important to give a sense of security to the cat. It should feel secure. The presence of people around the animal can instill fear in the mind of the cat. But by being around them will give them the most needed security they look forward to.
  • Allow your cat to enjoy outdoor like feeling- You can create a separate area in your backyard or front lawn and secure it with a fence. Here, you can leave your cat to enjoy itself without any fear of traffic or other pets who may attack your pussy. Moreover, it will love to enjoy the outdoor like feeling in this secure and protected area.
  • Allow your cat to hang out- You can choose any sunny window and install a post or a place where your pussy can perch upon and enjoy outside sights. The cats are by nature quite curious and allowing them a separate place where they can enjoy looking out is going to qunch their appetite to look for something new or amusing without worrying about their safety.
  • Protection with a chip- Your cat may be fearful about its safety and using a chip may be one step further in this direction. It will help you to keep a tab on its movement. The microchip will also contain comprehensive contact information and in case your cat gets lost, this information in the chip will help you to find your cat again.
  • Give food routinely: Just like we have a routine of our meals, the pet also should be fed routinely. Fixed routine will train the cat accordingly. Give the animal a good treat of their favorite food so that they reciprocate your caring gestures with the same feeling. Make sure of their likes and dislikes to make them fond of you.
  • Respect the independence of the cat: Everyone needs space. Too much supervision and interference is disliked by humans. Same is the case with animals. Even cats love their independence and love to be on their own at times. This well deserved space should be given to them. Don’t tag around them always. Give them a break too.
  • Brush or comb their fur: Some breed of the cats is very furry and fluffy. They are often cuddled by their owner. Fluffy and furry cats should be brushed often. They love to be combed regularly. They like the touch and the way they are cuddled and handled with care by their owner. It is a good idea to make them feel wanted. This will give them the need to reciprocate with love from their side too.
  • Clean its litterbox Even your cat would like to enjoy clean spaces and its litterbox is one place that needs to be cleaned regularly so that ypur pussy continues using the box and ensure cleanliness in the rest of your home. If your cat is finding it difficult to use a litter box, train it to use it effectively. This will keep your cat in good health and also ensure hygienic environment in yur home.
  • Return her affection: The pet also has gut instincts and can easily make out whether they are loved or not. When they feel secured with their owner, they reciprocate with immense affection in their own way. Just lying down next to the owner is the best way by which they reciprocate their feeling towards their owners. Make sure to return their love with the same feeling of love and care. This will help in the growth of feelings of the cat too.
  • Treat it with rewards Offer rewards to your cat when it exhibits any positive behavior. This will encourage it to reinforce this behavior.

Purr purr and the cat says that she too loves you a lot.



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