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15th August International Homeless Animal’s Day 2015: Shelter The Animals, Shelter The World!

There are many countries which are over populated with animals. There are many animals which are abandoned and rendered homeless each day in such countries. But, these mute animals need to be protected and sheltered. Sometimes, the animals are kept in a kennel or are made dependent on charities based on their goodwill. You can just imagine the plight of these animals that are caged and subjected to ill treatment. This global tragedy of killing the innocent animals has affected all the countries and communities and the only solution is: spay and neuter.


ISAR (International society for animals’ rights) is an organisation that is solely dedicated to keep the overpopulation issue of cats and dogs before the society until and unless they emerge out to be victorious. Their aim is to create awareness about the humane society that stops the ceaseless killing of animals and helps in the prevention of their suffering. ISAR started the international homeless animals’ day in 1992 with an objective to create awareness about the pet overpopulation and its solution. It has been growing since then. ISAR, with its success, helps in saving millions of animal lives and has reached six continents and crossed over sixty countries.


International homeless animal’s day is celebrated with a vision to innovate the vehicle of education with the sole purpose of informing the world that animals are an important part of the society. Now, with an ever increasing successful participation and activation of foreign animal protection organisations in the “International homeless animal’s day”, ISAR (International society for animals’ rights) has acknowledged it globally by giving it an official title so that this day can be recognised by everyone. On this day, all the organisations located around the world get together on every 3rd Saturday of the month August to create and increase awareness about the epidemic of overpopulation of the animals. International Homeless animals’ day includes various activities such as, adopt- a – thons, candle light vigils, animal blessings. Micro chip clinics and extremely heartfelt emotional speeches delivered by the council members, humane officers, shelter personnel and local veterinarians. Some of the other activities included on this day are games, raffles, live music, award ceremonies, open houses, dog walks, rallies, speeches and slideshows etc. Individuals, animal friendly business houses and organisations who are interested in attending this day can download an event planning kit by approaching ISAR through an email, phone, fax or mail. Also, even you-tube, facebook, twitter, newspaper articles, websites, radio, televisions and many other social networking sites help ISAR in enlightening the public about this day.


So, by getting together on this day of noble cause we can spread the message to stop the killing of innocent dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, just because we do not have a home to offer them. Further, we should never stop raising our voice for our innocent animals, and continue to raise our voice to end the suffering of our animals that they are facing each and every day.


The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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  • Is Ar

    Thank you so much for helping ISAR spread the spay/neuter message to help curb the pet overpopulation epidemic and to promote humane societies and animal shelters who work tirelessly to find loving new homes for companion animals! Please feel free to light an online candle in ISAR’s annual virtual vigil in honor of International Homeless Animals’ Day