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5 Cutest Toy Dog Breeds That You Will Fall in Love With

Toy breeds are referred to the breeds which are small or very small in size. They are also the breeds which are mainly kept to offer companionship to their pet parent(s). Some also represent the affluence of the owner and some others can also act as watchdogs.

Mentioned below are few of the most popular and adorable toy breed dogs:


Havanese is a friendly dog which showers its affection on everybody, be it strangers, others dogs and even cats, but the major share of its love and loyalty lies with its family. Sticking closely to the pet parent’s side has earned it the nickname of “Velcro dog”. A disadvantage of this attachment is whenever this toy breed is left alone, it can become anxious, and thus can’t stay happy in isolation, or when away from its family. The cuddly dog has long fur which ranges from straight to curly, and is blessed with expressive and innocent eyes. Yet the dog is strong, energetic and trainable enough to excel in dog sports and other canine careers, like performing for circus and assisting a handicapped.


The breed of Poodle dog comes in three sizes – Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle; Toy poodle is the smallest with size up to 10 inches. Poodles have a curly fur which is harsh in texture and is spread densely all over the body. The hair of the dog comes in various colors, like black, white, brown, grey, apricot, silver, cream and silver beige. The dog comes in the group of non-shedding types and hence can prove to be suitable for people with allergies. Affectionate family dog, poodle is known for its extraordinary intelligence, which also makes it highly trainable. Other aspects of its character comprises of being loyal, playful and mischievous.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a breed of toy dogs that has descended from the royal dogs of China. It has been bred specifically to be a companion to their human parents. Shih Tzu’s lovely coat is long and silky and can come in various colors like gray and white, black, black and white, or red and white. Enormously attractive small dog (up to 10 inches tall), Shih Tzu is a friendly and loyal creature and makes friends easily, with both man and other animals. The submissive character of the dog makes it the best playmate and friend for your children; just keep a watch when the two interact to avoid any injury to the dog.

Bichon Frise

Looking almost like a kid’s cuddly stuffed toy, Bichon Frise is a cheerful dog and is double-coated, has an undercoat, which is soft and thick and an outer coat, which is coarser and curlier. This toy dog has a white fur, black nose and black eyes, and usually, gains a height of about 9 to 11 inches. The cheerful, sensitive and happy dog is a lovely companion to love and to play with. Bichon Frise is an intelligent dog and can be trained well; when trained as a therapy dog, it does a wonderful job assisting patients in healing by cheering them up. It is more likely to suffer from separation anxiety, making it difficult for you to leave the dog alone for longer hours. The dog would adjust to any lifestyle, but spending a long time alone is something they can’t bear.


A cute toy dog with a vivacious personality is what makes the dog attractive. A Pomeranian is an intelligent, friendly and loyal dog, which possess a loud bark, making it ideal for the job of a watchdog. It is a double-coated breed having undercoat which is soft and dense, and a harsh, straight, long and shiny outer coat. This toy breed is not overly dependent on its masters; thus Poms can be very suitably kept by older people or people who, being busy, can’t devote much time for the dog. A Pomeranian is an energetic, extrovert and playful dog who enjoys going on walks.

Do you know any other toy breed dog cuter than the above mentioned cutie-pies?


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