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5 Dog Breeds that are Losing Popularity

1.Scottish Terriers: Scottish Terrier is a small, compact, short-legged, highly energetic, sturdily-built dog breed.


2.Collies: This dog breed is originating in Scotland. Collies are very sensitive, intelligent and easy to train dog breed


3. BrittanytsBrittanyt is an elegant, significant and symmetrical gun dog who is described as hyperactive and as the ideal family companion


4. Cocker Spaniels : Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized,Beautiful, sturdy dog breed.This dog breed equally suited to both life as a household pet or as a Gundog.


5.Irish Setters: Irish Setters dog breed originated as “gundogs” in their native Ireland.Irish Setters are very friendly and mischievous dog breed with high level of energy

Irish Setters


From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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