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5 Dog Breeds That Your Kids Will Love the Most

Kids love dogs and dogs love to play with kids. Next time, when you think of gifting something special on your child’s birthday, think of gifting a Dog. The special bonding that exists between a Kid and a dog is awesome. Dogs are most often treated as one of the best companion of humans. Whether its friendship, safety or care, dogs always look after their master. Here is the list of top 5 dog breeds for kids that are known for their friendly nature:

Breed 1- Pug Dog

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Pugs fall into Mastiff group and are known for their small size, calm, confident and firm behavior. It is a dog that your kid will love the most. Pug is a small dog of keen and happy nature. You can also depend on them for your kids’ security as these small dogs are known for their devoted and watchful nature. (Life expectancy – 12 to 15 years)


Breed 2- Pomeranian Dog

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A super active proud little dog is what can be said for the Pomeranian breed.  They are intelligent, extremely loyal and an excellent companion of their master. Pomeranian Dogs are known for their affectionate nature and obedient temper. It’s easy for owners to train a Pomeranian and is well liked as a toy dog for the kids. (Life expectancy – About 15 years)


Breed 3- English Mastiff Dogs

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Real mastiff dogs are the old English mastiff with large heavy head and an unusual mark between eyes. They are one of the heavy, powerful guard dog. Considered as a family dog, these dogs are often considered as a bodyguard of your little ones. Intelligent, calm temperament, confident dog that is ever ready to play and protect its master. (Life Expectancy – 10-12 years)


Breed 4- Dalmatian Dogs

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Dalmatians are large, powerful and muscular dogs and are better known for their stamina as well as high energy level. You can say it’s a perfect friend who can play with your kid 24/7. Extremely dedicated, happy and easy going are some of the best qualities of Dalmatian dogs. (Life Expectancy – 10-12 years)


Breed 5- Bulldog 

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It’s a wide medium size dog with its intimidating personality and gentle nature. Bulldog puppy are determined, affectionate, gentle, courageous dog and proves to be a perfect companion for children. They play, protect and love their master throughout their life and can be referred as a perfect dog breed for kids. (Life Expectancy – About 8 Years)

Which Dog breed will you prefer for your kids? Please share in the comments below:


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