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5 Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog

Popular Global Destinations to Visit with Your Dog
Travelling the world with your pet dog is not just a utopia! It can be true for every pooch owner with these 5 popular international holiday spots and a little planning.  Before you head to a travel agent you must visit your trusted vet for a clean bill of health for your pup deeming it fit to take a trip. Also ensure the pooch’s vaccination record is up-to-date. Micro-chipping your dog can be of great help before you foray into an alien country. Another important aspect to focus is the right dog food which you need to carry along with you in small packets over the vacation duration.

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Some countries and airlines have prohibited the entry of certain dog breeds so it’s always better to get such facts right before making hotel reservations and flight bookings. A random selection of these five cities is like getting a step closer to that dream vacation you always wanted to go on with your dog by your side:

1) Paris, France:
This dog friendly destination will not disappoint you or your canine companion. The finest hotels open their doors to dogs and pamper them in the lap of luxury. Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and Shangri-La Hotel Paris will warmly welcome your furry pal. To visit dog friendly restaurants and parks you and your four legged accomplice can hop onto the metro for a safe and inexpensive means of transport.

2) Tel Aviv, Israel:
This city gives a whole new meaning to the term dog-friendly with close to 70 dog parks and 4 canine friendly beaches. Another tag enhancing its dog friendly stature is housing the highest number of pooches per capita in the world.
Travel with dog 2

3) Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
This may be the perfect time to plan your summer vacations with your furry buddy to this pet paradise. Its boasts 60 off-leash dog parks and infinite pet friendly cafes & restaurants. Woodbine, Cherry and Kew-balmy are some of the beaches where your dog can enjoy both the sun and sand.  Looking for pet friendly hotels? You can try out the Pantages Hotel Toronto Center or the Omni King Edward Hotel for a memorable stay. Travel with Dog 3

4) Amsterdam, Netherlands:
To witness the splendor of this city your dog is free to use any form of public transport. You’ll also find ‘bakfiets’ that are bikes with a special carrier for a pooch to sit in and be ferried around town. You can visit the many pet friendly parks in the city, a famous one being the beautiful Beatrix-Park. The boutique Toren Hotel is centrally located and will promise a comfortable sojourn for you and your dog. Travel with dog 4

5) New York City, United States:
Replete with pet friendly hotels dishing out pet grooming services and dog friendly food menus this city will surely be very pleasing and kind to your pooch. Dogs and cats are allowed to board subway trains, buses and commuter rail lines provided they are placed in a carrier. Dogs are allowed to access and lounge in the patios of many good restaurants and cafes. The city is also famous for its dog parks with off-leash hours so that pooches can sprint to their heart’s desire.
Travel with Dog 5

Just a little paper work for the pet in compliance with some basic rules set by the city/country you wish to travel to and you two are good to go. Bon Voyage!


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