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5 Reasons Why Street Dogs are the Best When it Comes to Adoption?

Street Dogs for Adoption

We are at a time where a lot of people are showing great interest in adopting stray pups. This is a brilliant initiative as it does two wonderful things. Firstly, it gives a ray of hope to many stray dogs who are looking for a beautiful home and shelter. Secondly, by adopting stray pups, one is indirectly helping to shut down those horrible puppy mills, where they see dogs as only a means for making profits.

Still, many people are apprehensive of adopting stray dogs due to certain misconceptions they have about the local breed. In this blog, you will see five amazing reasons why street dogs are the best, when it comes to dog adoption. So, let us get started with it.

1) They Show Unconditional Love

Have you seen how grateful street dogs become when you feed them? You might have also seen how dogs follow you for a very long distance, especially when you are out on a trek. Contrary to the popular belief, street dogs are immensely loyal and show unconditional love to humans once they start bonding with them. They are just like any other breeds who would put humans over themselves when it comes to safety as well as security.

There can be many reasons why street dogs show this immense amount of love to us. Maybe deep inside they know how hard it is to get food outside and when people shower their love on them, they reciprocate it wholeheartedly. When you adopt a street dog, you are not only giving them shelter but you are also erasing their hardships.

2) Strong Immune System

It is true that stray dogs have a much more robust immunity than other breeds of dogs. Natural selection has a bigger role in this because strays face a lot of harsh things while they are outside. Their battle with all sorts of diseases and infections may have made them strong and thereby passing these genes to their offsprings.

Another reason why they have strong immunity is that they are not overbreeded like the traditional breeds you see in kennels. Also, their skin and fur adapt to any climate and hence carry a strong natural defence.

3) Satisfied With Whatever You Give

Unlike the standard dog breeds, street dogs are not at all fussy when it comes to diet. They don’t demand highly palatable foods and are content even with home-made foods. Yet, it is suggested that you give them nutritionally balanced dog foods as it will help them to maintain excellent health and wellbeing.

If you are someone who loves chicken meat yourself, you can feed your dogs the left-overs of your meat. Be careful about not feeding them foods loaded with sugar as it can harm their health.

4) Street Dogs are Highly Intelligent

If you are hesitant about training a street dog, know that they can give tough competition to other breeds of dogs, when it comes to intelligence. You should know that strays have a tough life out there in the streets and hence the most fittest of them even make it into their adult lives. So naturally, this has made them exceptionally smart.

A stray pup shall learn commands and tricks like any other pups and all you need it to have is a little bit of patience and love for them. You can also give them some yummy dog treats so that they are always up and ready for training.

5) They are Excellent Guard Dogs

Though this might come to many as a surprise, stray dogs make excellent guard dogs as they are inherently territorial in nature. You might have seen how alert and fierce they are on the streets, when it comes to protecting their territory and other fellow dogs. They also tend to bark on the slightest suspicion to alert other dogs and humans residing in that area.

If you are adopting a stray pup, ensure they are socialized well at their puppyhood itself. This will make them behave well with known people while being firm with strangers. Like other famous guard dogs, street dogs can even put their life on the line to save their owners from threat.

To Summarize

You have just seen why street dogs are excellent for adoption and also how it exhibits the same qualities as that of a purebred dog. By joining this initiative of adoption of street dogs, you will be setting a good example in your society. Not to forget, by adopting them, you will not just give these kind souls a beautiful shelter, but you will also be able to discover that gentle side of yours.


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