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6 Essential Tips For a Crystal Clear Fish Tank

Crystal Clear Fish Tank

Every fish owner wants their aquarium to be crystal clear, as it’s a sheer joy to see the fish explore their environment. The way they carefully investigate your decorative items inside the tank and also the beautiful plants is just a treat to watch. However, if your tank gets dull over a period, it can harm the beauty of the tank and weaken the health of your fish as well.

In this blog, you will see why a fish tank usually gets cloudy and also learn some simple yet highly effective ways to root out this problem.

What Makes an Aquarium Cloudy?

If you are doing everything right to keep your aquarium clean, and yet find it becoming cloudy, here are two reasons for it that you might need to learn.

1) Algae

Algae blooms are a common sight in newly set-up aquariums and it happens when you overfeed the fish. This is because the uneaten fish food decomposes naturally and it releases ammonia and nitrites. This, when combined with too much light, creates high phosphate levels and makes your tank look green.

Although green water will not kill your fish, it does create a displeasing appearance and doesn’t provide the ideal environment for the fish to thrive.

2) Bacterial Blooms

Bacteria are an important component in any fish tank. However, too much bacteria can cause bacterial bloom, making your fish tank look cloudy. Fortunately, bacterial bloom usually clears from two days to a few weeks and does not pose any danger to aquatic life. However, if the problem continues, it may indicate unhealthy nitrogen levels in the tank water.

Highly Useful Tips to Make Fish Tank Clear

Following are some of the ways you can get crystal-clear aquarium water, and also to keep the fish tank in a healthy condition.

1) Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your aquarium is crucial if you want to keep a crystal-clear tank. This is because dirt and waste accumulate in the fish tank over a period, where it becomes necessary to remove them. Some of the ways you can maintain your tank well is by cleaning your tank glass, regular water changes, and cleaning your filters as well.

2) Opt for the Right Filter

Ensuring that you’ve got a good water filter for your aquarium is vital for keeping your tank water clear. For better results, you can implement three levels of filtration, namely mechanical, biological and chemical. This will help you get rid of debris, toxins, chemicals etc from your tanks and also provide your tank with quality, balanced water.

3) Remove Algae From the Aquarium

Brown and green algae are the biggest obstacles of attaining a crystal clear aquarium. Algae can be formed in an aquarium due to chemical imbalance, incorrect aquarium lighting, and irregular cleaning sessions. By regularly cleaning the magnets, scrapers and rubbers, you can keep algae at bay and also attain a crystal-clear appearance.

4) Reduce Nitrate and Phosphate Level

The presence of Nitrates and Phosphates in the fish tank can also make the water turn cloudy. Phsphates mainly occur when the wastes present in the tank aren’t broken down correctly. Nitrates are formed when your filter breaks down the ammonia from your fish waste. These chemicals not only destroys the beauty of your fish tank but also harm the health of the fish.

5) Use Water Treatment

Water treatment is a highly effective way to achieve desired results with a clear water. This is because they help remove fine particles by clumping them together to create bigger particles which can be easily removed with the help of aquarium filter. Fast acting and extremely easy to use, water treatments cause no harm to fish while cleaning their area.

6) Reduce Waste in Your Tank

One of the most dangerous things for your aquarium’s well-being is the impact of excess waste, whether it happens from overfeeding or from their excrement. By ensuring that you do regular maintenance and also properly feed your fish, you can signifcantly reduce the production of wastes inside the aquarium.

In Brief,

By following these tips, you can eliminate all the main factors which causes cloudiness in your tank. This will help you create a thriving environment for your fish and also make the tank crystal clear. If you see any discolouration or cloudiness returning, don’t rush too quickly to fix it as it gets fixed naturally as part of your tank’s cycle.


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