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6 Lifetime Confessions That Every Dog Owner Realize

When God created living beings on Earth, he bestowed every kind with different tendencies. Every one has their own behavior and ways to react to different things. Dogs are blessed with certain things. The best among them is the power of faithfulness and sincerity which no other kind can match with in this world. It is a pleasure to own a dog because they shower love and affection to their master apart from being sincere. It is a bonus.


There are few confessions which dog owners experience in their lifetime. Listed below are some of the pointers:

1. Sometimes dog owners are proud masters of more than one dog. In such a case, they might experience the fact of being more caring or loving towards one more than the other. It is like loving one child more than the other. It is a weird feeling for them, which even makes them feel guilty. But it is an honest confession to make.

2. Forgetting to feed the dog is a very common confession which every master at some point may experience. This obviously is not a deliberate action. There may be many reasons which contribute to this factor. The owner must have been occupied with something and it may just not occur to serve the dog. But it parks guilt once it strikes them that they had forgotten to feed the pet on time.

3. After the day’s work, if you enter the room to find your dog on your bed, may not be a very pleasant sight. Though many owners sleep with their favorite pet, they do agree that the animal is noisy and smelly at times. Huffing sound is not very pleasant to the ear when sleeping next to you. But we definitely share the bed with our kids. So this sparks a feeling of guilt in their mind. It is a confession which many dog owners make at candid moments.

4. Though the master can trust the kid with the dog, yet complete faith is not possible. Because they may have the kid playing with the pet under supervision as they fear of dog bite may occur to their mind at some point of time. It is a horror even to think about it though it is an extremely rare situation.

5. The fear of the dog developing any disease out of nowhere, which can be infectious is also a kind of fear shared by most of the dog lovers. Though they get their vaccines timely, yet any dog can have any disease. So their health should be under the scanner from time to time.

6. The dogs are trained to maintain hygiene and though they are taken out to attend to their call of nature, the owner can rarely experience poop lying here or there in the house. This can be irritating and unhygienic. So, taking the dog out timely is very important task of the owner.

These are few common confession of every dog owner which they experience in their lifetime. But they love their pets and there is no denial about the fact.



Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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