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7 Acts of Kindness towards animals that will renew your faith in humanity!

“True benevolence or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation.”
— Joseph Addison

Let’s take a break from self and indulge in service to the helpless and homeless. This could be a stray cat, a hapless dog, a motherless baby rabbit, an injured bird or a pig born without back legs. Great are the souls who render help to those who perhaps can never return the favour. Here are some stories of unconditional service towards animals that will move your heart and leave your eyes soggy with gladness. Goodness can be contagious too and these incidents in all probability will revive your faith in humanity.

A true spiritual leader


Winters are extremely torturous in Istanbul, Turkey. Month of January is not just freezing but also wettest. Our very first story is about Istanbul’s Imam Mastafa Efe of Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Mosque. The big hearted priest welcomed a stray cat along with her kittens to take shelter in the vicinity of the Mosque from the harsh chill. The feral cat brigade has been accepted by the mosque-goers as well in a move to encourage the little act of kindness. Though little, this gesture is just the beginning to what will go a long way in revolutionising how humans look at animals. Imam Mustafa Efe’s love for stray cats has won him praise over the internet as well.


 A rich pauper


This man in Brazil might not have a home himself but a big heart to house animals in need. Lack of a steady income to meet even very basic needs doesn’t dampen the benevolent spirits of this Good Samaritan to carry out dog rescue operations. His pets are well fed and tended to even on days when he may retire to bed all hungry and wasted.

It feels like heaven


Do you want to know what is heaven like? Just move out of your comfort zone and help someone who can’t make it through a situation on its own. At the end you will feel like you are in seventh heaven! A shining example of this is a Chinese animal rescue centre that volunteered to pay $8000 and eventually bought all the dogs that were already loaded in a truck en route to the slaughterhouse.

Surrogate mommy


This marine hero donned the role of a caring parent to four baby bunnies that he found lying around a dead mother. He gave them a much needed cosy home and lots of love.

A friend in need is a friend indeed


This story very beautifully describes the meaning of true friendship. Hunny a class X student shares a special bond with a senior Indian stray dog lovingly named Naifee. The young adolescent resides in a flat in Ashok Vihar, Delhi and his four legged friend is often found resting in the passageway of the same floor as Hunny’s. Sadly just a few months back Naifee acquired a deadly skin infection, its back, ears and elbows were infested with blood sucking ticks. It was Hunny’s caring and vigilant eye that took notice of Naifee’s terrible plight. Though, other families residing on the same floor in different flats turned a blind eye.


Hunny took help of an NGO named Jaagruti that provides On Site First Aid Service for stray animals. After the initial treatment provided by the NGO, it was Hunny who continued the treatment with oral medicines and anti-tick powder for a stipulated period. Also, he insured a diet that will offer optimum nutrition to the Indian dog breed. Naifee in no time recuperated to perfect health!

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Tale of An Angel named Beena Mohapatra


Warmly addressed as Beena Mashi by her followers, this poor domestic maid might lack the riches but is loaded with a spirit to serve her extended family of 35 dogs in her lane/area. Against all odds of monetary constraints and her adversaries (residents who oppose her act) she continues with feeding the stray dogs two hearty meals daily. Beena Mashi goes the extra mile in her mission; she visits the nearby market areas on a daily basis to collect buckets full of fish starch and remaining food items that are later cooked by her and fed to her four legged family members. In fact this way the noble lady is also unknowingly working towards the concept of recycle and reuse. She is indeed a shining example of courage and determination! Beena the messenger of god as I would rightly call her lives without any human member in a dilapidated shelter. Armed with some knowledge about dog medicines and support from a few animal loving families she continues in her quest of selfless service.

A new lease of life


Divya Kapur a trained wildlife rescuer that specializes in avian species encountered a rescue case in her very own garden of her premises in Gurgaon. An injured pigeon fell off a tree. This kind wild life rescuer covered the eyes of the bird with its one hand to calm down the winged creature. Seeing themselves in such a close contact with humans, birds can enter a state of shock. After providing the necessary first aid, the pigeon was given a safe haven in the form of a cardboard box lined with plastic bag, paper and leaves. To meet her dietary needs bajra was spread across the box and a container filled with water was also placed inside. Poopy was the name given to the pigeon by its foster family. Divya and her family did not want to leave the bird unattended only to become hunted by a predator or crushed by a car. The bird had a problem in its right wing and couldn’t fly.


poppy the pigeon Divya meticulously took care of the pigeon; its box was kept in a covered cozy spot during most of the day. Morning and evenings the bird in its box was placed in the garden for it to get some fresh air. Its bedding comprising of paper was changed every 3 to 4 days and water every alternate day. Devotion is a trait that can achieve the impossible. The powerless bird showed signs of recovery in about two weeks.

“Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other.”
— Louis J. Camuti



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