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7 Things to Remember before Planning your Dog’s Birthday Party

Your canine babies watch all the events and celebrations as a spectator. Having one day of its own, where it is the star of the moment, sounds so wonderful. And it will give the dog a really thrilling time too! So, you have organised lots of parties before, and think this is also going to be a piece of cake.


Well, think again. The guests are furry and four-legged, they can drool, pee, gnaw on your furniture, bite each other or humans, run away in different directions, eat onions, grapes and chocolate (NO!!), and what not. But you don’t need to worry; we are here to help you plan the birthday of your pet cat or dog. Read on:

1. What is the Date – If you know the date of your pet’s birthday, great! But if you don’t, you can make one up, or better set it as the 2nd Saturday or last Sunday of a particular month, or may be the date you adopted it, whatever is appropriate for you.

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2. Invitees – Friends with dogs are the most suitable guests for the party. If your dog is already comfortable with the likely canine guests, then nothing could be better than that. Friends without dogs, which your dog adores, or who adore your dog the most, can also make it to the guest list; after all it’s your furry darling which you want to make special and happy. Fido’s park playmates or classmates at dog training/obedience school are good candidates for the party too.

3. Location – There are a number of things which you need to take into consideration in order to decide the venue of the party like the season (summer, winter), number of dogs, toilet training of pooches, your budget, and so on. Having sufficient space will be great as that will give a good area to the dogs, its other furry buddies and your guests to run around, play and have fun. If your house is big enough for your invited group and dogs are toilet trained then you can go for an indoor party. You can also have it in your yard, a local park, dog park, or doggie day care facility – after ensuring that all measures of safety are in place.


4. Dog Party Games and Activities – A costume-based party for dogs as well as their human parents will add a layer of amusement in the already exciting atmosphere. Contest over the titles such as – best dressed dog, best behaviour, best dancer, Mr. and Mrs. Doggie, best talent, etc. can be held. There can be agility games, games where both dogs and parents take part together and any creative and entertaining activity you can come up to. Dog-themed plates, table cloth and other accessories would also add delight to the party.

Keep plenty of dog toys so that all of your furry guests get suitable engagement and entertainment, as long as they want. Interactive dog toys would also facilitate interaction between dogs and pet parents.

5. Invitation Card – You can order interesting dog birthday invitations or be more creative and make invitation cards yourself. Decorating it with dog biscuit, dog chew treats or a dog toy would further add fun to the event. You are responsible for your guests comfort and peace of mind, so it would be good if aggressive dogs don’t get mixed up with more social dogs. This can also be mentioned as a note somewhere in the card.


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6. Dog Party Food – Birthday party without a cake is BORING! The cake which you make/order on your birthday cannot be your dog’s cake as it is not healthy, or can be hazardous for the dogs. You can order one from your local pet bakery or get a dog cake recipe online to make a special cake for your pooch. Make sure to have lots of yummy food and treats for your furry party animals. Human guests should also not feel left out and hungry. A normal cake and nice snacks, food and beverages would be just right. But take good care that nothing meant for humans should go in the mouths of any of the Fidos as it can prove harmful for their tummies and overall health.


7. Return Gift Giving a return gift is a good gesture to culminate an awesome Fido party. As a return gift, you can give a bag full of doggie goodies and toys for the dog to enjoy later on.

Before planning the party, do consider your dog’s nature. A shy or slow dog may not appreciate the presence of other dogs in its home. Having only one or two dogs may suffice in such cases. Also, inviting too many guests may overcrowd the place or may lead to mismanagement of the party. So be very careful while sending the invites.

Pet parties present a good way for dogs to have a really good time, and to socialize with its furry friends as well as their human parents. One interesting thing worth mentioning is that birthday comes only once a year, but happy occasions can be created again and again. So don’t wait for your dog’s birthday, just throw in a party for your lovely friend. Let it get all the attention, affection, friends, delicious food and wag-full of fun!



Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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