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7 Tips to Get Your Cat Sleep Well at Night

Sleeping Cat

Cats have an average sleep duration between 12-16 hours a day. Their sleep consists of light phases, where they doze and deep slumber phases, although the former is more prevalent. A night of good sleep is vital for a cat’s physical and mental health.

Though cats are excellent sleepers, some domestic cats can experience sleeplessness due to a lot of reasons. Here in this blog, you will see seven simple yet highly effective tips that will help you offer your cats a deep sleep at night.

  • Choose a Comfortable Bed

Your choice of bed plays a huge role in determining the sleep quality of your feline. Select a cat bed that suits your cat’s size and sleeping preferences. Some cats like open beds for easy access, while others prefer the safety of closed spaces. Remember that the bed should be spacious enough for the cats to turn and stretch comfortably.

  • Find a Peaceful Location

Choose a peaceful location to let your cat sleep, preferably an area in your house where there is minimal foot traffic. Also, cats like to relax in warm places. So in colder months, a sunny window ledge or a spot near a heater would be ideal for them. Above all, keeping mind that your cat’s sleeping place should be secure, especially in a house with multiple pets or kids.

  • Regulate Temperature & Lighting

The environment setting of your cat’s sleeping place is also important to keep them well-rested. For instance, a moderate level of temperature is needed for most cats. Although the ideal temperature will vary based on factors like age, fur length and overall health, a general rule of thumb would be around 21°C. Besides, cats don’t need complete darkness to sleep. A naturally lit environment, particularly during daytime naps, can be comforting to the felines.

  • Balanced Diet For Good Sleep

The quality of your cat’s diet also impacts their sleep as well. Choose a high-quality cat food which is rich in protein, fats, carbohydrates etc that satisfies the nutritional requirements of your cats. Also, remember that kittens, adult cats and senior cats have different dietary needs and should be fed only specific nutrition to ensure optimal health and sleep quality.

  • Set a Proper Feeding Schedule

A proper eating routine for your cats not only ensures excellent health in them but also regulates their sleep pattern. This is because a consistent feeding time helps your cat’s internal clock, resulting in a more predictable sleep pattern. It is also comforting for cats as it reduces stress and anxiety. Also, don’t overfeed your cats as it can disturb your cat’s sleep and also impact their overall health.

  • Give Them Enough Exercise & Playtime

Physical exercise plays a significant role in ensuring excellent sleep in cats. Give your cats regular playtime, especially with interactive toys like string cat toys or bouncy cat toys as these help in channeling your cat’s energy. Besides, these toys also keep your cats busy and engaged and reduce the likelihood of any destructive behaviour in them.

  • Identify Signs of Sleep Disorders

Sometimes constant lack of sleep and restlessness can be indicators of sleep disorder in your felines. Also, pay attention to signs like excessive grooming, changes in appetite or unusual sounds during sleep. These suggest that your cat is in pain or extreme discomfort. If you notice any of these signs, consult a veterinarian without any delay.

In a Nutshell

These are 7 excellent tips that will help you make your cats sleep soundly at night. Remember that a good night’s sleep not only ensures excellent health in cats but also helps you avoid any trouble at night.


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