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9 Facts About German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd facts that you must know ! Have a look at the below facts about German Shepherd that you should be aware of.

Fact #1 – Name
German Shepherd is known as “Alsatian”
Fact #2 – Size
Height of German Shepherd is around 24 to 26 inches up to the shoulder

Fact #3 – Lifespan
They can live about 9 to 13 years
Fact #4 – Possible health issues
This breed dog is susceptible to diseases like congenital heart disease, Panosteitis, Bloat, and Hip dysplasia

Fact #5 – Very Popular
German Shepherds are popular and ranked on the fifth position as the popular pet in US
Fact #6 – Intelligence
They are 3rd intelligent dog of all the breeds
Fact #7 – Purpose
Widely used as police guards and military dogs

Fact #8 – Coat Types
3 different types of coats: the desirable double coat, the plush coat, and the longhaired coat
Fact #9 – Dog Type
They are grouped as herding dogs


Swati takes pride of being a dog lover. Her current passions include blogging, writing and collecting dog pictures of various breeds. She is an active member of stray dog care society.

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