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9 Signs that Show your Pooch Cannot Do Without You!

Just as it’s with human babies our four legged darlings become an extension of their adoptive parents. The ignominy of being forgotten may be too hard for these furry-paws to handle, hence the mantra is simple: ‘’Follow like a shadow, follow all around day in and day out.’’

1. This is how best buddies bond, tucked away in wilderness and peace to enjoy each other’s undisturbed company.


2. A dog much in love will miss no chance to `Have Your Back’.


3. I overcame my fear of water, just to float in your arms.


4. Notice the uncanny resemblance! A bond so deep that has the power to alter the genes.


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6. Unmatched care supplied at every beck and call.


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7. ‘’And this is how we roll’’. Pug tales, “I tag along with my daddy dear even if it means flying 20000 feet above the ground high up in the sky.“


8. If being with you means, embracing the callous cold winds then I’ll do that with all my heart.


9. How can this missy not be in my dream? Impossible!


Here’s a big shout-out to all these pooches who have successfully won hearts of their masters and beyond. Honor this devotion with effective dog care and reciprocate the unconditional love with adding years and life to their short stay with us.



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