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9 Tips To Keeping Your Indoor Pet Healthy And Happy


Although many pets enjoy being outside, it is a myth that going outside is a requirement for pet’s happiness. Playing regularly with your pets can easily satisfy their annoying instinct, keep them stimulated and provide them exercise that they need to stay happy and healthy. If you are unable to take your pet outside due to your busy schedule and some other reason, you can follow below mentioned tips to keep you indoor pet healthy and happy:

1.Give him plenty of toys

Pet toys are one of the best entertainments for your pet because you do not always have to be there for your pet to play. You should try to rotate the toys every so often because an old pet toy can seem new if your pet hasn’t seen it in a few months. In addition, you should make sure that you have a variety of toys for your pet. There are plenty of options, from chaise lounge scratching beds to squeak-and-chase mice toys. Even cheap and simple things like a paper bag work great and make for good times. Some best toys for your pets are as follows:


2.Put perches on your windowsills

If you put perch on your windowsills, it will enable your pet to have a great view of the outside world. It is especially important on a gorgeous, sunny day. You can simply place end table by windows, as long as you do not mind your pet on your table.

3.Provide pet-only furniture that allows for scratching and climbing.

It is crucial, as it is a completely natural instinct for dogs and cats to scratch. If you do not provide your pet with a place to do scratching work, you may have to deal with the scratches on your nice furniture. There are various scratching posts available in the market, which helps you to keep your wallpaper and furniture intact and possibly avoid the de-claw procedure.


4.Give your Pet some space

Generally pets need more than one room to roam around. If they have access to your whole home, or at least a good part of it, then they are able to fulfill their natural urges to chase, play, and hide.

5.Make a screened-in porch

If it is not available to you, you can purchase the cat enclosures for the outdoors. Both of these can simulate an outdoorsy environment for your pet.

6.Try to add some pet-friendly videos to your DVD collection

There are various movies made specifically for the pets to watch. These movies are perfect for your pet when you are stepping out for an hour or two.

7. Adopt or buy another pet

Another pet in the house means a furry friend for your pet to play with when you are not around with your pet. Having more than one pet also prevents boredom, and the exercise can help your pets stay fit.

8.Get an aquarium inside, or a birdbath or feeder outside

Both of these things are visually stimulating for your pets and can provide them endless entertainment.

9.Make time for your pet

Being a responsible pet owner, you should try to make time for at least one play session every day. Your pet looks forward to your return home, and no doubt human companionship leads to a healthy and happy life.



From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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