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Top 10 ‘Low Maintenance’ Dog Breeds

Having a pet dog in your family is nothing short of a blessing as it brings liveliness to the house. At the same time, things can become quite tricky if you are having a breed which requires a considerable amount of maintenance. You don’t want to spend all your leisure time cleaning up the dog’s…

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Top 8 Small Dog Breeds that Give the Best Dog Parenting Experience

Admirable qualities such as being obedient, gentle, loving, caring, calm and friendly are what make the small breeds highly appropriate for being the best therapy dogs. They may not have the mannerisms and sobriety of some their more illustrious contemporaries, but their mere presence brings a wide smile on the faces of those who need…

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Top 10 Strongest & Powerful Guard Dog Breeds In The World

Looking for a dog to watch or guard your family and home? Some breeds that serve as perfect watchdogs are Poodle, ShihTzu, Dachshund, Chihuahua, and Terriers. These dogs will alert you to the presence of intruders with their constant barking. A guard dog however does more than just raising the alarm; it will do something…

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Interesting Facts That Define The German Shepherd Dog Breed

Who is Father of the German shepherd Dog Breed: A German breeder Max von Stephanitz is behind standardizing this breed. In 1889, At a dog show in Western Germany, Max got attracted to a wolf like canine with yellow-black markings. The dog’s intelligence and disciplined conduct won over the breeder who purchased it and changed…

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Top dog breeds for Senior Folks.

What about surprising your parents or grandparents with a cute pup on their wedding anniversary or either parent’s birthday? Gifting a dog is not just novel but noble too! But it’s important to pair up your grandparents or parents with a breed that is much in tune with their personality and lifestyle. You may want…

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7 Dog Breeds That Are Easily Trainable

 DOGS that can be trained easily are everyone’s fancy. The bounty of dog breeds available in India, come with their unique anatomy and temperament, often making it difficult for first time pet hopefuls to make a choice. Everyone wants a companion in tune with his/her lifestyle and attitude. Perhaps your pooch is a bit too…

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Top 10 LAZY Dog Breeds for Laid Back people.

If you are the lazy kinds and looking for a loyal four legged mate to fit your temperament, consider adopting one of these laid back dogs. It’s amazing how nature has created different dog breeds with their individual personality and needs. This makes the selection process a lot easier for wannabe pet parents who can…

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10 Dog Breeds that love to sleep

Does your dog hit the snooze button at every opportunity craving to get a little more of that beauty sleep? There are dog breeds that love to over-indulge in sleep. Dreaming, snoring, and sleeping are almost like their favorite pastimes. Perhaps this love is even greater than their fondness for favorite foods and treats. In…

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7 Dog Breeds That Love to HUG their Humans.

Are you one of those wanting a super friendly pet dog that follows you all around like a shadow? Are you looking for a pup with an insatiable appetite for hugs? We all have preferences regarding the kind of dog we want to own. Some individuals may want a fierce guard dog while others may…

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10 Dog Breeds that Need Extra Protection in Cold Weather

Some dog breeds definitely require a little extra protection and warmth in the cold weather. Dog owners living in a region experiencing cold climate would definitely want to take a dekko at the below list consisting of various dog breeds that are sensitive to chilly weather. The makeup of the dog has lots to do…

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