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Adopt a BullMastiff Puppy – Buy/Sell Puppies In India

Find healthy BullMastiff Puppies for Sale in Delhi/NCR. Purchase BullMastiff dogs at highly discounted prices in India.

Bullmastiff dogs are best option for those who are searching for a fun loving canine companion as well as a guard dog. Although quite daunting at times, this breed is extremely affectionate, gentle, calm and even tempered. The Bullmastiff was born after crossing 40% bulldogs and 60% Mastiffs in the England. Bullmastiff is a strongly built, powerful animal that is intelligent, obstinate, and dominant. Although, they are largely built, they are very active and agile and very successful in carting, therapy work, tracking, agility, obedience and conformation. It is quite a sought after dog breed.


Their willingness to please others, make them perfect family protectors and companions. This breed is extremely loyal to its family members and does not prefer to be left outside the house. If Bullmastiff will not grab enough personal attention or companionship from the family members, they will try to get it from the other people passing by outside. This breed is very safe to keep if you have kids at home, but with a powerful owner around. Looking at their sheer size, they should not be left alone with the kids and is not recommended for an average owner. A Bullmastiff might look tough but they are the sweetest creatures on earth!

Overall, this breed is splendid, capable and honest companion for self-assured owners, but without supervision and socialization, ongoing time and effort, they become difficult to handle.

If you want to possess a dog who-

  1. Is huge and powerful
  2. Has easy to groom coat
  3. Is quiet and calm indoors
  4. Makes an impressive watch dog
  5. Requires only moderate exercise

Then a Bullmastiff is the perfect choice for you!

Bullmastiff puppy price in Delhi/NCR and All over India – Buy BullMastiff Puppy

Bullmastiff Puppy is available at an average cost range from Rs 45,000 to Rs 80,000. Before adopting a Bullmastiff puppy, you have to decide from where you will get your new companion. Prefer selecting only the certified and reputed breeders located in Delhi/NCR, who genuinely like this breed and make efforts to keep the puppies happy and healthy. They are usually priced at Rs. 45000 and can range up to Rs 80,000. All the puppies are health checked at the reputed breeders, before they are sent to the owner’s house. Further, make sure that your house and your family members are ready to welcome the new canine companion. Also, find a suitable vet for your beloved puppy. Choose a happy, hearty and healthy Bullmastiff puppy.

Bullmastiff breed complete information:


The Bullmastiff was bred by crossing forty percent Bulldogs with sixty percent Mastiffs in England. This breed is found in the records since 1795. The owners of wealthy estates initially bred the dog to chase and fight off the game poachers. They were used as a protection against the poachers. The Bullmastiff at that time was used as a gamekeeper’s guardian dog to track, tackle as well as hold poachers. AKC recognized the Bullmastiff in 1933. This breed was threatening and fierce, but they were trained to not to bite the strangers. But when the requirement for gamekeeper’s dogs declined, the dark dogs became popular than the light colored fawn dog. The Bull mastiff was then used as a guard dog for hunting, as an army aid in police work, and as a watchdog. Presently, it has become a reliable family canine guardian and loving and loyal companion. They enjoy a lot with their human family members and comfort themselves with them.


Brave, loyal and affectionate Bullmastiff dogs are massive and built very powerfully. They have a huge, wrinkly head and a wide, short, dark muzzle. They have a dark black nose along with wide nostrils and amber round eyes. The V shaped ears of the Bullmastiff dogs are wide and set high and hang close to their face. They have a flat forehead and a moderate stop. Their tail is strong, set high, tapering, and is either curved or straight, reaching to the hocks. Short haired light tan (fawn), red, or red- brown (brindle), dense, short, slightly rough coat imparts a powerful and dignified appearance to the Bullmastiff.



The Bullmastiff is an alert guard, devoted dog with the best natured temperament. They are affectionate and docile, but fearless if provoked. The Bullmastiff is considered to be the natural guardians of your house. These dogs refrain from barking much, as they believe that silence is a virtue whenever guarding the estates. Usually, Bullmastiffs are independent thinkers. They might not respond to the obedience training methods sometimes. So, they need a firm and consistent master, who can thoroughly obedience train them. Passive or meek owners cannot handle this dog because they have a tendency to become dominant towards other Bullmastiffs.

Loyal, calm, even tempered and intelligent, this breed of dogs crave for human leadership. Further, these dogs are extremely sensitive and gentle to the tone of human voice, and require someone to speak with a tone of assertiveness rather than harshness. They appear willful and possibly aggressive when in company with the other breed of dogs, but they are reserved with the strangers if their owner has not trained them to socialize.

Bullmastiff Breed Major Characteristics


Bullmastiff Dog information
Other names Mastiffs, French Mastiffs, Tibetan Mastiffs, Bull Mastiff
Origin                                         England
Size Type Large dog breeds
Breed Group Mastiff, Working dog breeds (AKC)
Life span Nine to eleven years
Height Male: 25–27 inches (63–69 cm)Female: 24–26 inches (61–66 cm)
Weight Male: 50-60 kg (110-133 pounds) Female: 45–54 kg (100- 120 pounds)
Colors Red, brindle or fawn
Coat Rough, short, dense, smooth
Litter Size 4- 13 puppies, 8 is average
Health Concerns Hip dysplasia, cancer, boils on the lips, PRA, eyelid problems, tumors, bloats, mast cell tumors, Arthritis

So, the Bullmastiff is a very confident and fearless breed, yet remains sweet- natured and docile with its family members.



Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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