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Alaskan Malamute – Dog Breed Information and Facts


Alaskan Malamute is a domestic large dog breed that originated from Alaska (USA). It is the largest breed of Artic dogs and was named after Innuit tribe called Mahlemuts and its place of Origin, Alaska.

Breed Information, Facts and Personality Chart:


Breed Name:  Alaskan Malamute
Nicknames: Mal or Mally
Origin:  United States (Alaska)
Ancient Use:  Used as draft animals and sledge dogs
Type: Large breed
Built:  Strong
Appearance: Well built large dog with a think coat. Has dark medium sized eyes with a plumed tail. It resembles a wolf in appearance.
Temperament:  Loyal and intelligent breed
Height: Males: 24-26 inches and Females 22-24 inches
Weight: Malles: 80-95 pounds and Females 70-85 pounds
Average Life: 12-17 years
Species: M’Loot and Kotzebue
Barking Status: They tend to stay quite and bark a lot less as compared to other dog breeds
Family Dog:  Yes
Preferable Temperature: Cold
Active Breed: Yes and need a lot of exercise
Member of: Spitz group of dogs
Socialization Status: Needs time to socialize and get along with other dogs and cats
Health Status: Generally healthy but prone to hip dysplasia and night blindness
What to Feed: 3-5 cups of high quality dry dog food 2 times a day (Exact amount depends on the size and age of the dog)
How to Care: Needs brushing 1-3 times a week
Needs a large space to dig ground (because it loves digging)
Needs daily exercise
Require basic attention to ear, eye, foot, nail, and tooth on a regular basis



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