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Are English Bulldogs Good with Kids?




The English Bulldogs have reputation for being trustworthy and gentle animal. They are admired for their even-tempered that make them an ideal family dog and a wonderful pet for small kids and children. It is said that the English bulldogs have a “Sixth Sense” that helps them to understand as well as protect children and endure a lot of child-inflicted abuse. However, like every dog, the English bulldog’s temperament changes with age and not every English bulldog is suitable for every family. You should consider below mentioned facts when deciding whether a bulldog is the best option to live with your children:

The English bulldog Puppies

An English bulldog puppy love kids and is more tolerant than many other dog breeds of the child-inflicted abuse. Young bulldogs are active, and like human babies, sometimes they can misjudge space and can plow their heavy bodies into the unsteady legs of a young child. In addition to this, they might unintentionally rake their claws against a kid’s skin while jumping or pawing. Further, bulldogs are slobbery, and they love to chew, therefore, they may decide to share your kid’s rattle with him in an unappealing exchange of slime.


Adult English bulldogs

As many other breeds, Bulldogs do not mature quickly and will remain active puppies until around the age of three. Once mature, they are very laid-back dogs that are well-known for their loyal companionship and excellent treatment of children. However, you should keep in mind that adult English bulldogs do not outgrow their chewing habits and remain very slobbery. Further, they also shed, and their short hair easily sticks to your child clothing and hands. If your want to maintain clean and sanitary environment for your child, then English bulldogs may not be the best option for you. Bulldogs also are very possessive of their food, therefore, they should never be fed around children, as they may touch or approach them while they are eating.




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