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Are you Sharing your Bed with your Dog? You must read this.

Sharing Your Bed with Your Dog Has Multiple Benefits.

Each time you allow your pet dog to enter your bed at night, it’s you who actually benefits from it! You want to know HOW, read below.

  1. It will calm you down: When you cuddle and sleep with your furry mate, it leads to secretion of oxytocin in the brain also known as the cuddle or love hormone. This release not just improves your bond with the pet but also offers relaxation and a feeling of stability.

    DOG HUGS = STRESS BUSTERS. Image:Pinterest

    DOG HUGS = STRESS BUSTERS. Image:Pinterest

  2. Will make you feel safe: Absence of fear will help you sleep soundly. With your pup by your side you feel a sense of security as your four legged guard can always alert you with its barking in the event of a strange occurrence. Image –
    soundly sleeping
  3. A Dog can keep you very warm: Your pooch is like a soft & natural blanket for you. A dog’s body temperature is found to be three to six degrees higher than a human’s. Snuggling up to your dog on wintery nights will make you feel so much more comfortable and cozy than you’ve ever felt. Even a small dog can offer enough warmth and comfort to put you in deep slumber.

    Don’t wait for winter months to hug your dog like this.

  4. Say Bye to Depression & Blues: Dogs are known for their unmatched loyalty and unconditional love for their masters. It feels great to know that there is someone around us with so much love and support. Lying beside your dog at night and petting it can amplify your happiness. Dogs are known to reduce anxiety and depression in humans, lifting ones mood to positivity with their honest affection.

    Good Dog People are eternally Happy People too. Image

    Good Dog People are eternally Happy People too. Image

  5. Your dog will thank you for letting it jump in: Wouldn’t it make you happy to see your dog happy? Doing a little favor to your pup by allowing it to curl up in bed with you, will just add up to your happiness and contentment. When your beloved pet is happy, it will automatically put you in a jolly frame of mind.

    Since you and your pet will be spending a great deal of time together, make sure your pet is healthy, free of fleas and parasites and his vaccinations are up to date.

In case you suffer from asthma or are allergic to pet fur, its best to disallow your dog to sleep in your bed or for that matter even enter your bedroom. The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America suggests people with allergies to get a HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorber) air filter for their entire home especially the bedroom.

A pet’s hair isn’t an allergen but it can gather upon it allergens such as animal dander, urine, saliva, as well as dust & pollen. Allergens can settle on surfaces of furniture, clothing and stay suspended in the air as well and trigger allergic reactions in people with pet allergies/over-sensitive immune systems.

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